Friday, January 6, 2012

Kids and Listening -- LOL!!!!

I know I know... Those two don't really go together now do they...

However for the importance of reading and listening comprehension they must. Listening comprehension is more than just hearing what your mom is trying to teach you isn't it?? 
Listening COMPREHENSION means they have to be able to process the information to break it down to make sense to them! So when your reading a story to your child you want them to be able to enjoy it. To enjoy it our kids must be able to listen, process, remember and possibly even retell it if they enjoyed the story. This is a vital part of a child's education. In order for them to grow and learn they must be able to process things they are hearing. 

In  All About Reading Pre Level 1(which DS2 is using and just finished!), they are helping DS2's  listening comprehension by talking about the stories and characters, helping expand his vocabulary, and exposing him to a wide variety of listening experiences. Also through the poetry in the fun books The Zigzag Zebra and Lizard Lou, DS2 has had a lot of fun making up his own unique stories. We have puppets for Ziggy and Lou. We have had countless laugh moments over using them with our unit lessons!!!  And throughout their wonderful reading program they encourage me as a parent to spend at least twenty minutes a day reading aloud to my kids! We do this anyway however its wonderful to have a constant reminder!

We just ordered the new Level 1 All About Reading and I can't wait to see my son continue to improve!!


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