Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's Talk Chores

Do your kids do chores? Do you pay them?

Our kids do chores and we don't pay them. 
I don't feel like I should have to pay them for normal household daily responsibilities. Just my 2cents. I want them to grow and learn things in a way that will benefit them in "their" live. What good would paying them for chores do in their home simply because when they get their own home(grown) its not going to happen. However they still need to clean and be responsible for their area. I don't want to teach them wrong. I don't want to give them false impressions of adulthood. 

On the other hand they are children. I don't work them hard either. I rotate what they have to do every 2 weeks that way they can learn life skills. I found a wonderful chore chart paper pad from Dollar General and have used it since. However DS2 has a picture chore chart because he still can't read. I want him to know by looking so he is dependent upon himself for his chores and responsibilities.

This is DS2 chore chart. The sticks are to show what he has completed.

We have tried many different ways in our home to get to a point where everyone works together and understands what is expected of them. They are still children and still have to be reminded its chore time, but this system works for us. Don't get me wrong we have paid them and we have worked for rewards with MUCH headache. So after giving them that chance we stopped and just came to an understanding that we didn't want to pay them to begin with and once it didn't work anyway we felt it was the right way for us to go.

Every child is different and every household is too. This is what works for us in our home with our children. 
So what works for you??