Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 21

Man oh man it really does fly by! Enjoy every moment of it is what I try to remind myself of daily!
This week has been a very smooth flowing week. They come around sometimes when I least expect it.


We started reading our Bible this week from the beginning in Genesis. We've gotten to 12 this week. I've seen several blog momma's doing the Bible Challenge in 90 days and I don't know anything about it but I am going to take time this weekend to dig a little deeper on it. We also talked about Samson and the lion. Special attention given about faith and confidence in The Lord.

The kids really enjoyed this. It actually was really funny how it worked out. I got it Monday and had good intentions of watching it that day, However time got the best of me. So we watched it Tuesday. They enjoyed watching the storm trackers and the pictures of the wild lighting of course. Well Wednesday about 6 o'clock getting ready for church it started lighting and the kids loved it. First we hardly ever see lighting in the winter. However today its snowing which is an old wise tell... Go figure! 

Road Trip USA
Finished up talking about Harriet Tubman. Moved onto Massachusetts. We've learned about Paul Revere and his famous Midnight Ride. We've talked about Johnny Appleseed. All the kids had a favorite this time! There was a lot going on in Massachusetts! That's for sure!

Geography A-Z
 Headwater & Source  

Library Class. Learned about NC pottery history. They also made a neat pot out of clay there! 

Homeschool Coop Tuesday. 
We really have enjoyed participating once again this year. Last year we sat out, simply because working and schooling was just to much. However since I've stopped working(well not working as much) its not been so hard! The kids have Draw Write Now, PE(or free play), Verbal Math, I do a notebook/lapbook class and they do it. Last but not least a Charter Class too.

Read Aloud 
Because of Winn Dixie. 
We are finishing this book this week. We've been on it way to long. We took a break from school and with the holidays and everything...... WAY TO LONG...
 Look how big my baby is getting...
MUS Epsilon 7a - Test. He's really done wonderful learning his fractions. I was very worried at first and he was going very slow however I think its finally clicked.

AAS Level 3 step 13. We are moving along good now. We are learning about suffixes.

AAH is going great too!

Daily Writing. We have been doing daily editing too. This has so far made a pretty great result. So hoping for the best!

Reading - DS1 is reading something that's not history related... Shocked, he normally always reads something historical.

 Yes she is doing school with sunglasses!
MUS Beta 9

AAS Level 3 step 13. She's doing great with suffixes. 

AAH is going good too. She really enjoys this!

Daily writing. We are also editing daily.

Daily Math Word Problems. She struggles a little more with Math so I try to help her think it through.

Daily reading. A wide assortment.

My birthday boy.

MUS Alpha 10. He loves Math. He does so wonderful at it too.

AAR Pre Level - We are finishing this up. New AAR Level 1 is expected anytime before the 16th!! He is actually a little nervous about the new book simply because Ziggy isn't in it. I explained we would be moving on to something different and just as fun but I am going to sneak Ziggy in as much as possible to not upset him!! 

Daily Writing. DS2 is doing better on his neatness, however I'm still concerned with his reversals. Its not only on his alphabet but he actually reverses numbers too. I'm trying to do some research on this to see if its something he "may" grow out of or if its going to mess him up with reading. So if you have any advice please email me.

Ohh and this is what we awoke to this morning!!
About 3/4ish inches of the white stuff!!



  1. Wow, you got a lot done this week.

  2. My grandfather was a Cherokee Indian and he used to tell me that if there is lightning in the winter, within 30 days you will have a snow storm. So far I have seen it happen accurately over the last few years.

    What a week! :)

  3. Ditto! You did accomplish quite a bit this past week! Oh, and we went to Boston, MA yesterday for the day! We've yet to do the 2 mile Freedom Trail with lots and lots of historical sites though.

  4. Looks like a great week and your snow looks lovely!


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