Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 22

Well I wrote this lastnight and before I got all the way complete I had not one but two babies sick. Pray for them to be better. This am they are feeling much better however not 100%. A mother's work is never done.


Paul Revere & Martin Luther King Jr Speech


Read Aloud 
Finished Because of Winn Dixie. 
Haven't fully decided on next one yet. Leaning toward Pipi Long stockings?? I haven't read or heard that since I was like in 3rd grade!! Also we watched the movie Winn Dixie this am.

Road Trip USA
There is so much to talk about here we have stayed another week. Moving on next week! 

Geography A-Z
Highland & Hill, Knob and Knoll

Greatest Artist Study
Reviewed Pablo Picasso simply because it had been a while since we had talked and done this. However next week we will meet Vincent Van Gogh.

MUS 8 came with some frustration M,Tu,Wed and yesterday finally the LIGHT BULB!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah...

He finished reading "I survived", it was a tale of a boy whom had been attacked by a shark. He enjoyed reading this.
Writing is improving. Daily editing of stories, has helped a ton!

AAS Level 3 lesson 13-14
Working on suffixes still and we found a cute book at the library on the topic and read it this week! 

Notebooked about Polar Bears this week. Learned some interesting facts and made a really cute notebook page.

She finished another toboggan this week.

MUS Beta 10. 
I can't begin to tell you how wonderful she has done this week on money skills. She has always had a very difficult time with money. Something happened this week. It finally clicked. From Monday on she has really done great with it. I was wondering if she was every going to get the understanding... She did in HER TIME. That's whats wonderful about homeschooling. I get to see her finally understand and see that she has finally "gotten" it. Not to be pushed on her or saying she's not doing a good job!! I am so proud!

AAS Level 3 Steps 13-14
Working on Suffixes. We found a really funny book at the library on this and had fun reading it this week!

Notebooked about Ducks. She read about why the feathers don't get wet, how they are able to dive and what they eat. We enjoyed this!

Reading - Junie B Jones & Dr Seuss

Writing Daily, Editing Daily too.

MUS 11

AAR pre level 1. 
Finishing this up. We got All About Reading Level 1 in the mail this week... We are ready to learn how to read! After all that was his New Years resolution! 

Daily Writing. He writes more and more daily which makes me happy. Just 2 or 3 sentences on a page he is illustrating.

I think this is going to be a new addition to my weekly wrap up some times. Today is my birthday. I'm getting older and I don't like it. I see so many things change as I have more years come and go. Some are wonderful and others are sad. As my years as adulthood have passed I have learned more than I ever thought there was. I had my first child at an extremely young age. Facing challenges from day one of pregnancy. However with God's grace he got me through. It was hard and I didn't even know Christ but he had mercy on me. I grew into a mother, a thing I wasn't that found of. As years passed I understood my plan. I loved being a mother to not only one - two but three children. I don't deserve a thing God has blessed me with but I am so eternally thankful. As my adulthood comes I see so many blessings given so freely. Throughout this year I have almost died twice and it really was a wake up call. To cherish every minute. Don't put off that trip because you think you will pay off something. Bills will always be there. Memories aren't going to be...
So today is my birthday - A day I like to reflect. 



  1. Happy Birthday!

    (((Hugs))) on the sickies. I am sick alongside 3 little ones. It's been a very LONG week of misery. I'm so glad to have a weekend. I pray that you will have a better year without any other health scares.

  2. Love those moments when something finally clicks!!! But sorry your babies are sick, and hope they are better soon!

  3. Hope everyone is feeling better quick :) Not fun when the babies are sick.

  4. You are not old! ;) Looks like you had a productive week! I need to keep better track of our weeks so I can do a link up again. It has been forever since I did a weekly recap! Praying your kiddos feel better soon!


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