Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 23


This week was very different and took more work than normal. This week we joined a group called Classical Conversations. We really enjoyed it. We meet on Mondays with them then we have normal Homeschool Coop on Tuesday, at which I teach 4 classes(yikes). So this week was a week to get into a different groove!! We had a ton of fun. I had thought of going to CC for several weeks and just wanted to try it out. Glad we did.

This is what we learned at CC:

History Topic 
  In 1898 Theodore Roosevelt and his rough riders defeated the Spanish at the battle of San Juan hill while trying to help the Cubans win there independence. 

History Timeline with motions!
1764- 1783(ish)
 Parliament acts unjustly
The first Constitutional Congress seeks peace with Britian
The war for indepence begins
British lose at Bunker Hill
America declares its independence
Washington commands the Continental Army
Winter at Valley Forge
Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris

Atom and its make up.
Bought these cards from Montessori for Everyone. They worked wonderful this week.

We also done a science experiment with floating an egg!!

The 5 Great Lakes and Niagara Falls.
We have had this song in our head ALL WEEK...
We learned the location and the names.

No Documentary this week


Read Aloud 
We didn't start one this week. Just very busy. We did watch the movie of our last read aloud.

Road Trip USA
New Hampshire. 
We have been amazed at how much sap it takes to make Maple Syrup!

Geography A-Z

Greatest Artist Study
Vincent Van Gogh.

MUS 9 - He really flew threw this. It is clicking!! 
Reading - Horses & Rough Riders
AAS step 14 - 15
Daily Writing & Editing

MUS 11
AAS step 14 - 15
Reading - Junie B Jones(Stinky Fruit Cake)
Daily Writing & Editing

MUS 12 
We practiced skip counting this week.
Reviewed sounds in AAR Prelevel 1 to move onto Level 1 next week.
Daily Writing. We do not correct anything, yet!


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  1. I've heard alot of good things about Classical Conversations. Your home looks happy :)


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