Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where's My Cape??

I'm a homeschool mother.... 
so didn't you know.... 

Us homeschool mothers are:
super hero's
a trophy
have more time for everything
and we have never ending energy...
What you didn't know that??? 

Geessh me either!!!! 
However it sure gets said enough or implied. I will be honest some times its very hard to keep my cool when it gets started. I mean really so because I can stand my children home with me daily I'm a super hero??? Because I stay at home and cook more than once a day I have tons of time? Because I teach more than one child I am patient? Because I do household chores daily I have more hours granted to me than EVERYONE else??
I'm confused! Very confused.

So I ask where ohhhh where is my cape?? 
After all I am a super mom,
I need that to disguise myself from me!!

To my family and myself I never get everything finished. I am never prepared. I get loud and upset sometimes. I always have something to do, after all, duuuuhh - my house is lived in. I always have laundry and that always confuses people because how do I have laundry when all homeschoolers wear are pjs?? 

So homeschool momma's. If your like me and fooling the world from knowing your SUPER HOMESCHOOL MOM... Now is the time to let it be known. Then maybe we can finally be normal?? Maybe accepted?? Hey but what do I know after all I homeschool... 

Hope you enjoyed my sense of humor post for the day... Just get so tired of some of the "talk" that goes along with homeschooling our children!! So if your like me I hope you get the point that I'm trying to provide!!



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