Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year In Review Post #1

Well I normally look at our years from August to August lol, however with the new physical year starting I figured I would review. This is post one of two. Thursday I have a Post #2 coming on what worked for us school wise this year and what didn't. What will be changing and what we will be keeping.

DS2 has gained almost 10 lbs this year and man oh man is he not shy anymore. My baby is getting ready to be 7. He has learned how to "almost" read. He has improved greatly on writing. He loves to listen to stories and make up his own silly stories. He is my personal comedian. This year I was surprised at how loving my son is, year by year I will begin to see this go away and I wait and watch to see if it has come yet but luckily for me - no. This year he showed me how brave he is, he rode some really scary roller coasters this year at our first trip to an amusement park. As my son grows so does his appetite. There isn't many things he will not eat. His resolutions for him self was to learn to read by him self. I hope we can accomplish this fast, he tries so hard so I know it can be done. My resolutions for him is to love still with all his heart and be just as funny as he is today. He does so many funny things and I would hate to go one day with out that.

My daughter has a huge love of learning. She loves to read, and I mean many many books daily. She is just getting into chapter books. However she loves large books(60ish) pages and will read almost 15 a day. She has improved in Math, She just recently learned how to carry and that made her so happy! Over the year she has learned to crochet with a loom. I'm so proud of her. She is my biggest helper. She strives to please me. I hope she understands she pleases me just by being her. This year she donated hair to locks of love, again proud of my darling. She had pneumonia this year, which was really scary. She dreams of a world that is good and I hope one day she will have that dream come true. She's a crafter and she does truly get that from me. I pray that she has many talents because she already shows much talent, that way she will never be bored. She's totally mine because neither of us like to be still. She loves animals, all kind whether slimy or feathery!  Her new year resolution for herself was to make toboggans for the homeless. She asked me if she could do 5 a month how many that would be at the end of a year. I love that kid!! My resolution for her is to have a pure heart and keep her mind focused on helping others. My daughter is truly unique and I thank God for gifting me with her.

My oldest. DS1 gave his heart to Christ this year. The biggest and proudest moments of my life!! AND HIS I hope. I strive daily to try to make sure and nudge him to stay on a clear and defined path. This year he got his first gun and first deer. DS1 has had some trouble in school this year. His CAPD has interfered a lot this year. Having to rearrange some of the way the material is presented has helped him a lot. However this is lost ground that I am trying to re-coop. DS1 has had many health issues this year, but never has he felt sorry for himself which does make me proud. He has many battles but through it all, he stays strong. He is a strong boy inside and out. He thinks he is an adult but still such a child. DS1 has gotten so tall he no longer looks like a child...... he looks like a teenager(crying). DS1 said his new year resolution was to have a better attitude with everyone, I really pray he means this and tries hard. I will be holding him to that. My resolution for him is to have a clear, thinking mind. Think things through and make good decisions. He has such a wonderful blessed heart I hope it continues to grow that way! 

Hubby and I. 
Wow where to really begin. There has been lots of ups and downs however through Christ all has been great. I've learned to rely on God for everything. Not just little things. God is huge so I will give him my big problems too! I've found a way to stay positive and encouraged, which has been something really hard for me in the past. I listen to Klove radio(which I have blogged about many times) I read my Bible and pray with God daily - well MANY times daily. I also love to read and that really helps me as well. Marriage wise, we had a bump earlier in the year however drawing closer to God fixed that right up. As well as starting a devotional to do daily together. Hubby has really grown this year too. Being married 11 years is hard work however we where very young when we started and so growing for a few years in the beginning was really just becoming an adult. Now we are growing together year by year and with God's help and love he leads us more and more. Hubby had a hard year. His plans wasn't the same as God's plans when it came to his schooling. So hubby has prayed and prayed for leading in his career and without clear instructions from God, Kevin plans on entering school again, back where he left off. Hoping God's will be done there and it be God's plan for him to complete this time. 

All in all our year was wonderful. Different than many others however wonderful in its own right. We've had less money but many more memories! Guess that goes to prove money isn't going to give you happiness... I went through some pictures of the kiddos earlier today and its so funny to look at how they've grown and changed. 

I couldn't imagine another year passing by with having God to help me, so please if your reading this and haven't trusted in him fully -- Please take a minute and give your live over to him. He can help you when no one else will or wants to! I love God and he loves me.... He loves you too!! Please don't waste another day! 


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