Thursday, February 16, 2012

Classical Conversation Presentations

We have been going to Classical Conversations for several weeks now. Every couple weeks the kids have a presentation to explain to the group of kids. We have really enjoyed this group. I wish we would of joined years ago!! 
I recorded the kids presentation the day before they had to present to the group. This was a "practice run" so to say! Hope you enjoy!

DS1 had a presentation on The Mormon Trail. I think he done a wonderful job. This is his review the day before he had to do the presentation in front of the group...

DD had a presentation on The Rio Grande River. 
This is her practice run though her presentation the day before also. She did hers so wonderful. This was so great for her. She loves to do things like this and I'm very glad she wasn't scared. She really enjoyed doing the research and making her cards like "flash cards" which was all her idea!


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