Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 24

Classical Conversations:

DS1 has a presentation that is due the 13th and he has completed it. Topic - The Mormon Trail.

DD has a presentation due Monday on The Rio Grande River. She has completed it.

DS2 hasn't done his presentation which he is a little small and his topic is actually kinda hard... The Old Spanish Trail. So I will be doing a lot of his little presentation by asking him questions and he can answer them with pictures(that's at least my thinking).

I do have their presentations recorded and I will share them next week!! They have done a great job preparing!

Science Topic - First 4 elements on the Periodic Table.

History Topic - From 1820-1930 more than 37 million immigrants came to America seeking freedom and the opportunity to increase their personal wealth.

No Documentary again this week

Genesis 22

Read Aloud 
The Mouse and The Motorcycle.
Can't wait to finish this simply because its funny and we have the scholastic movie of it.

Road Trip USA
New Jersey. 
My kids love cranberries and it was neat to incorporate that into learning about New Jersey. We loved reading about Albert Einstein too!

Geography A-Z
Island & Isthmus

Greatest Artist Study 
Vincent Van Gogh

Finished Worm Unit Study. Will post pics next week. 

Wednesday the kiddos had a "bored" moment and after I almost passed out I said ok, So lets have a Boat Contest. You have to build it out of the recycled cardboard and it must float the longest in the tub. Who ever has their boat float the longest wins... You talk about a mad dash to make a boat. It was hilarious. They had a blast and I loved watching them try so hard. Needless to say DD was our winner!! 

 DD is the Pirate Ship, on the flag it states "NICE PIRATES"
DS1 said his was like the Titantic however it wouldn't sink!
DS2 said his was an Aircraft Carrier and he also drew Planes on it! 

MUS - Unit Test 1 & Started 10
AAS Level 3 - Step 15
Worked on Mormon Trail presentation.
Daily Writing
Reading Topic - Albert Einstein
Started working on 100 words list
Reading Comprehension Builders

MUS - 12
AAS Level 3 - Step 15
Daily Math Word Problems
Daily Language Review
Reading Topic - Horses
Reading Comprehension Builders

MUS - 13
AAR Pre Level - COMPLETE!!!
Moving on next week to Level 1!
Daily Reading Topic Varies with DS2
Daily Writing
Reviewing sounds and blending
Started a Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills this week
Also worked on sequencing order of events  


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