Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 26


Busy Busy Busy... Finally getting around to updating what in the world we done this week! 

Classical Conversations:

DS1 had a presentation to prepare for on the Colorado Desert. He has to present this on Monday however we are expecting over 10 inches of snow so I don't think he will get to but he will present it next time there!

DD had to prepare a presentation this week also on the Painted Desert in AZ. Its beautiful and really shows how wonderful God made our Earth! 

DS2 doesn't have to present until next week so we didn't work on any CC work for him this week.

History Memory Work 
On Dec 7 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor Hawaii causing the US to join allies in WW 2. We talked about this on and off through the week and read several books on the topic.

History Timeline with Motions
War with Mexico(1846-1848)
49ers and the California Gold Rush(1849)
Opening the Oregon Territory(1850)
Lincoln the 16th President(1861-1865)
War between the States(1861-1865)
The Battle of Gettysburg(1863)
Great Generals of the War Between the States(1861-1865)
Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad(1869)

Learned 9 - 12 elements on the Periodic Table. So we have learned 1 - 12 in 3 weeks. This was interesting. I wondered at what time in our homeschooling journey we would talk about this and at least it was introduced nicely! 



Read Aloud 
The Mouse and The Motorcycle.

Road Trip USA
New York. 
We loved learning about the state animal - The Beaver. Enjoyed learning more about Roses. This came at a great time of year to learn simply because Valentines Day DS1 bought a rose for a wonderful friend.  We also loved eating New York style pizza!!  
Geography A-Z 
Jungle, Key & Lake

MUS Epsilon 11
Reading - Helen Keller
AAS 3 - Reviewing Previous Lessons and Suffixes
Only wrote a story twice this week.
100 Words list 
Daily Bible Devotional & Reading
Language - Subjects and Predicates
Reading Comprehension Builders 

MUS Beta 14
Writing - Only 2 stories this week
Daily Word Problems
Daily Trait Writing(finished book!!)
AAS 3 - Reviewing Previous Lessons and Suffixes
Language - Working on sentences. Telling the difference between a question or sentence. Telling if its a complete sentence.
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders. 

MUS Alpha 15
AAR 1 - Step 2. This is going great. He is working on 10 words that he can read!!! WOOHOO go DS2!!!!!!
Working on what a Vowel is
Daily Writing
Daily Reading
Working on putting things in order.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills.

Friday we took a trip to a Science Center - pics will come this week!!  


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