Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 27

Classical Conversations  
was canceled due to the following:

It was gorgeous however not for travel!!

Geography A-Z

MUS Epsilon 12
Reading - Helen Keller
Story twice this week & editing
100 Words list 
Daily Bible Devotional & Reading
Language - Different Types of Sentences
Reading Comprehension Builders 

MUS Beta 15
Writing - 2 stories this week and brain storming.
She is having issues with making a story long and staying on track. So we have  been working on making story webs before writing.
Daily Word Problems
AAS Level 3
Language - Working on sentences. Telling the difference between a question or sentence and telling if its a complete sentence.
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders

MUS Alpha 16
AAR 1 - Step 3 
AAR is getting harder for him, 
He has been having a harder time this week... 
Daily Writing
Daily Reading
Working on putting a story in order. As in Beginning, Middle and End.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills


We will be taking break for 2 weeks starting Monday. So I will not be posting normally. It will be very scattered. We have a wonderful trip to the Museum planned with the Homeschool Group to see a Mummy Exhibit next Wednesday. Also we will still be having Classical Conversations on Monday and Homeschool Co-op on Tuesday. I have responsibility with those two groups and just because we are "on break" doesn't excuse me! I also think we are going to go on an un-planned beach trip!! Woohoo!! 
We are also going to try to finish our current read aloud during break. I also want to finish my positive mother book!! I've been reading so many different ones I have pushed it to the side!