Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 31

This week has flew by! Really, with work and packing and cleaning out man - oh - man how time does fly. The weather has been so wonderful and God has really blessed this week.

Classical Conversations this week:

DD had a presentation to give this week on - How to do anything. She choose to show how to knit on a loom. I think everyone enjoyed seeing this from her. She showed items she had already made and showed what she was currently making.

We started learning the US Presidents. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van-buren, Harrison, Tyler. We included some notebooking on the presidents into our normal schooling.

History Topic - In 1969 US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon. 

We also learned about the composer Debussey.

Regular School Work:


A-Z Geography - Mountains

Road Trip USA - Rhode Island, RI
The kids loved the fact that we actually own and care for RI's state bird. Funny cause the Rhode Island Red Chicken is one of the favorite chickens we own. 

Evan Moor Daily Science - Topic this week: How are people left handed?

Evan Moor Daily Spelling

Language Fundamentals - Plurals

MUS Epsilon 14
Notebooked on his book about Helen Keller
AAS level 3 
We actually didn't write not one story this week :( I'm ashamed to admit that.
100 Words list 
Daily Bible Devotional & Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders 
MUS Beta 17
Writing -Worked on learning cursive writing.
She is still working on making story webs before writing.
Daily Word Problems (almost finished with this book)
AAS Level 3
Language - Nouns & Plurals
Science Topics this week was: Venus Flytrap & Cacti
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders
MUS Alpha 18
AAR 1 - Step 6
Daily Phonics - HE LOVES THIS
Daily Writing
Daily Reading
Working on sight words daily.
Worked on putting things in order.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills.

** Proud Mom Moment... DS2 done something wonderful this week... He read his first story all by himself! **
More coming about that next week. 


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  1. You really should check out a great book series when looking at presidents. I found them by accident when Faith had an interest in one that I bought at the St. Louis Arch.
    THen I got on the library's site and found it was an entire series. WHO WAS
    Grace just finished WHO WAS GEORGE WASHINGTON.
    It was a great book and look at his life while adding other facts of the times for that "tidbit" kind of learning too.
    We are not going onto WHO WAS JOHN ADAMS, which seemed the logical direction to go.


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