Thursday, April 19, 2012

Harmony In Your Marriage

Over the years of my marriage(12 this year) I have seen so many others fall apart. Its so very sad. The longer I'm actually married I see and feel the hard work that goes into the daily up keep of this thing called "marriage". Marriage is so hard. When my husband and I first got married we were so very young. 17 and 21 to be exact. To young to really ever understand the "real marriage" that was coming to hit sooner or later. By God's grace and that alone are we still married and strong and happy together!

People think that since its "acceptable" in our moral world today, you can just divorce or have another person outside of marriages, or just throw it all a way. This isn't what God intended. I actually thought until a year or so ago it was alright to have some of what I just wrote in my head. If Kevin and I didn't work out it would be alright, just wash our hands of it and go on. Boy was I ever so wrong. After praying and talking to God about this for a while I finally came to see that the longer Kevin and I are married the sweeter every moment of it gets. The more connected we are. The more time we crave together. Marriage is something that gets better with time. Most people think marriage is just saying well he's mine and she's mine... They never stop to think the reason something is wrong within their marriage is THEM!!! A marriage needs pruning like a garden! Constant work needs to be done for it to grow and produce wonders!! If you leave your garden unattended its going to be over took by weeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all that brings me to my title -- Do you have Harmony with your husband? Within your marriage? In order for you to have a strong family you MUST have a strong marriage! No one is perfect therefore you must not have unrealistic goals for your mate. All that's going to do is create tension and anger in your heart and that will ruin your love for one another. A strong husband and wife shows our kids so many things, we just can't even really realize. We are showing them just how "they are going to be" when they grow up. 

You must love your husband. Love is a choice. Its not something you just do. Yes it was at first however we are past the "lust" part of dating and the first "honeymoon" period of marriage too. You choose to love your husband for them. For you. For your children.

I must respect my husband. Does this mean I'm always going to agree with him. NOPE. Just ask him lol. I am a very opinionated woman. However he is my leader. I must respect what his wishes are and follow his lead. However in return he respects me. Enough to listen to my wishes before he makes a decision that will impact me as well as our children. I think so many woman find such a problem with this simply because its not a 2 way street for them. Naturally a woman can give respect to the man easy, almost without much effort. However there are so many men that just can't have the MAN CARD took a way enough to respect his woman. Still you must push on and pray - pray - pray! God can fix the "man card" issue in your marriage!

Enjoy your husband. Laugh, play and even wrestle around together. My husband and I joke all the time. We text each other quick little messages, this way there is more enjoyment which in return makes it fun and happier when you take just an extra moment to enjoy each other.  You must have a FUN factor or else your marriage is just going to be boring. Sadly boring leads to straying and finding excitement.


I used to think there was just no hope for "enjoyment" after we became a homeschooling family. There was no time for me and him. That was wrong on my part. I feel horrible for not looking for things to reach outside of the box before a year or so ago! There are so many small meaningful things to be done within the home after you lay the children down for bed or nap. Our children also need to know our marriage comes first. We have to show them we must make time for each other. That's not being selfish. Its putting our priorities in line for them to see and later appropriate. Put the school thoughts away when he comes home. If your not done planning next months lesson and you have free time - Spend it with your husband. There will always be tomorrow. And come on its still a month away! You only have today. That's what God has blessed us with. So please enjoy it with whom God blessed you with. 

I came across this and it was 100% my inspiration for writing this blog post. 


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