Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tell Tale & Spot It Game - Review

Last month when we went to the beach on vacation we always stop at the Teacher's Pet store in Morehead City. We love it there. Yes, Vacations can be fun while your shopping for school supplies!! At least if your a homeschool mother! LOL... So while in browsing the kids totally hit it off with the worker/retired teacher. While we was looking she started playing with them - I MUST add that they even pogo-sticked inside the building!! LOL she was a hoot!!! Anyway... While the kids was playing with her she introduced this deck of cards to them and started playing with them. I heard so much laughing I went to see what they had done. Because laughing like that only meant one thing... Something bad... Well what was the laughing was from you ask?? 

Tell Tale!

Packaged in a sturdy round tin, the game is easy to take anywhere you go (like on vacation).
Tell Tale offers a new option to storybooks, you can choose a few of these images for you to tell short, bedtime stories or as writing prompts. It develops literacy skills and concept imagery, which I needed a little help with applying in a FUN way! With unlimited possibilities and four variations to spice up the game, Tell Tale unlocks the creativity within everyone. I paid a little over $10 and it was so well worth it. Its been a month and we have used it almost every other day for some reason or another. My kids actually have even begged their Granny to play along too. At night when she comes they will play(when they have time) and I get so cracked up at them stories and looks on the faces of them all! Some real bonding time happens!

Ok again while on vacation and in the Teacher's Pet store after winding down playing Tell Tale I asked the lady if there was any other games similar since it was such a hit with my kids. She directed me towards 
Spot It!