Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 33

We had a very busy week this week. Sunday our cat Daisy had 5 kittens. Can't wait to post some pics. Monday looked at a few homes and hubby had a job interview, However we car schooled Monday. Tuesday was homeschool coop day. 

Wednesday we broke in those season Gold Passes to Carowinds!!!!!!!! Ohh Yes we did!!!! We had a blast. We arrived at opening and got kicked out at closing! We had a blast!! 

Regular School - Together
Easter Study for Holy Week
A-Z Geography - Mouth & Ocean
Road Trip USA - Vermont.
The kids loved the "story" of Champ from Lake Champlain about the Sea Monster. Also was neat to know about the founding of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream from Vermont. However my favorite was the state pie -- Apple Pie. So with tradition of course we had to make an Apple Pie to eat!  
Science Topic - Plants
Evan Moor Daily Science - Topic this week: How can corn be yellow, white or blue?
Evan Moor Daily Spelling - Didn't test yet. We didn't school Monday so we will test tomorrow.

Language Fundamentals - Plurals

MUS Epsilon - We have stopped this week to go back and review simply because he was forgetting some rules needed for sucess. 
AAS level 3 
Daily Reading - Buffalo Bill (Frontier Daredevil)
Daily Bible Devotional (almost time for a new one)
  Reading 101 Bible Adventures, The Ultimate Quest for Truth.
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily 
Writing Cursive Review this week.

MUS Beta 19
 Evan Moor Daily Spelling - Didn't test yet. We didn't school Monday so we will test tomorrow.
Writing -Worked on learning cursive writing.
Started Write Shop with DD and DS2.  They wrote the first story together about Animals!
Worked on building thoughts and writing in complete sentences.
Daily Word Problems (almost finished with this book, I think 3 more weeks)
AAS Level 3
Language - Possessives
Science Topics for her this week was: Whales and Frogs
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily

MUS Alpha20
AAR 1 - Step 9
Daily Phonics - Working on where the sound is in the word. Beginning or End.
Started Write Shop with DD. Worked on building thoughts and sentences. Also wrote the first story about Animals. He done well with this.
AAR Reader - Run, Bug, Run!
Working on sight words - daily.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills.
Learned placing animals in Land, Water or Sky.

Getting Ready for Easter.
DD made a beautiful cake for daddy to take to work for a Relay For Life Cake Auction. She had seen the cake earlier in the day when we was preparing snake ideas for a church party on Saturday and we decided of course we couldn't take it but may make it for home. Then about an hour later daddy called and said he needed a cake! LOL...

 The cake raised over $25.00!! She was so happy!! 

Although all these pictures are for the "bunny" that's not all we celebrate!! We know and are grateful for Our Lord Jesus dieing on a cross for us!! My children have studied the Holy week this week and talked a lot about what happened to bring the events that happened for Easter. We are so loved and I am just so Grateful for His love for me!! 



  1. What a gorgeous cake! I love doing the Easter eggs each year. :)

  2. Isn't homeschooling great! One day you can school in the car and the next you can take off to go to the amusement park when everyone else is in school. I love the bunny cake. So cute! Happy Easter!

  3. Inspiration Station - Yes homeschooling is such a blessing!!! XOXO

  4. Sounds like a fun week! That cake is fabulous!!!


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