Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Break Change Of Plans

This week is suppose to be a break week 2. However we are testing this week. We had some wonderful news Friday early morning about our offer being accepted on the home we are looking to buy. Closing for the home is June 1st. So in order for us to be prepared for our test I felt we should go ahead with the testing instead of waiting until after the move. I don't want to test after moving for lots of different reasons. Such as loss of memory on school work and well lets be honest finding the tests might be hard too! I want them to be comfortable about testing and in the new home with all the change I'm not sure they would be 100%. So we are testing this week and no other normal school.

We are also packing!! 
I'm happy and sad about this. 
I'm so excited to finally own a home for my family. My husband has a better job waiting as well. We have no family within 2 hours of our current home. We have lived here for 6 years and we love it. We have wonderful friends and a great homeschool group. However parts of us want the family to be around. After all the landlord changes that started in March we started looking at different options for our living and I am so glad God totally blessed us with the opportunity to own a home. We are getting a great deal and a wonderful location for us!

Please pray for my family during this time of change. We will be schooling testing this week and probably not much after that until after the move. So if my posts are kinda irregular. You can understand why!



  1. I know that God has amazing things in store for you. Praying for you during this transition.

  2. Good luck on your testing and move(I hope everything goes smoothly). Congratulations on your first home!


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