Thursday, May 24, 2012

Curriculum 2012/2013 Plans

So its that wonderful time of year to figure out whats working and whats not and re-evaluate.
I've been doing that since January. However this is when it gets crunch time.

This is what our thoughts are so far for 2012/2013 that will start for our homeschool in August.

Reading daily passages and talking about them. 
Going to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelations.
The kids will have devotion time as well. 
DS1 will be using Jesus Calling. 
DD and DS2 will be doing Beginner Bible stories with Questions following.

Math U See of course! 
Don't see that one changing anytime soon!
DS1 - Zeta
DD - Gamma
DS2 - Beta  
We will supplement some topics with Math Mammoth, such as Time & Money. 

All About Spelling Level 1(DS2) & Level 3(DS1 & DD)
All About Reading Level 1 & 2(DS2)

Write Shop A(DD & DS2) and D(DS1) 
As well as using their wonderful story builder cards for writing center once a week.

Still trying to decide if we are using Progeny Press Literature Guides or Veritas Press.

Simple Schooling interactive units until November. 
Considering Gods Creation after
Lab's will come from Janice Van Cleave's wonderful books, we had been doing these once a week but we may start doing them twice a week. My kids crave experiments. When asked what they wanted more of for planning. This was it. More labs mom more!! So I will cater to that as long as I can.

Road Trip USA & Time Traveler Packs.

Unit Studies & Lapbooks
No real plan for these. DD is the only one who has requested them so I will finish those plans soon.
I will be using our entire collection of Amanda Bennett's Download N Go's we own. As well as the wonderful items from Homeschool Share.

Yes yes yes... Our new favorite. There are so many different types of notebooking. It fits all 3 kids and they enjoy it rather much. We will be doing this on a variety of topics. 

The Worlds Greatest Artist

We will work on American Sign Language more in detail this year.

Typing will become a priority.

Read Aloud Plans:
Ben and Me An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos
Rabbit Hill
Farmer Boy
By The Great Horn Spoon
The Indian in the Cupboard
Foot Prints in the Barn
Baby Island
(Maybe Stuart Little)
Can't wait to get moved and settled. Please continue to pray for our move!!