Monday, May 7, 2012

Power of a Positive Mother Chapter 10

I have posted my way through this book not only to help others but to remind myself of what I need to go back and read often. I hope its a great help to you as well. If you don't own or can't check this out from your local library I highly recommend buying this book! I normally post chapters in groups of 3 however this chapter is one good ole' post.

Chapter 10 ~ Attitude of Gratitude

Come let us sing for joy to the lord: let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. -Psalm 95:1-2

I get more joy and pleasure watching my kids than any other activity. I want my kids to enjoy there childhood and homeschooling journey however there are certain things as a parent I have to try to instill in my kids. Gratitude is one of the most important.  I have a plaque that unfortunately is packed up due to our possible move that is coming. However it states - Less Attitude and More Gratitude... I have had it on our small decor table in the living room as a constant reminder for myself and the kids to watch themselves!

I don't want my kids dwelling on negatives. If I can do a good job at teaching them gratitude than I can help them be thankful. Thankful = happier. The quality and attitude of their life will be the way they view it.

As a mother I have tons of reasons to be thankful and I'm so very blessed by things the Lord has gifted me. Apostle Paul wrote while in prison "Give thanks in all circumstances." Amazing that man... I can put all my faith in God to produce goodness in myself and my children.

I wanted to leave you with this poem I read.

A Mother's Thankful Heart

I come before You, father
To thank You for this life
The blessings You have given me
As a mother and a wife

I'm thankful for my children
As I watch them grow and play
Knowing that each moment
Will live for just today

I'm thankful for the laundry 
For the dust to wipe away
I'm thankful for the problems
That make me stop and pray

I'm thankful for my husbands job
The roof above our heads
I'm thankful for our daily food
For the comfort of our beds

I'm thankful for the errands
The phone that always rings
I'm thankful for the tears we cry
For the joy that laughter brings

I'm thankful for our family's love
The way we sit and talk
The simple games we often play
The picnics and the walks

I'm thankful for the little things
That make up every day
For therein lies Your love, Lord
And the wonder of Your ways

I'm thankful for memories
That life has brought my way
I count it as Your blessings
To be a mother every day

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