Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 36 - Late

I am kinda late on my post. LOL - who am I kidding, Really late on my post. I normally post on Friday however the weekend was a very busy one for my family along with my husbands birthday.
Last week was a wonderful week. We had lots of fun with each other. No more coops which has lessened the stress I think. 
Today is Tuesday and we normally have something Monday and Tuesday so this being the first week without has been really nice.
We have our 2 week break after Friday!!  

DNG Rockin Robots
Hopefully we are going to get this finished this week. We have really went slower than I anticipated! 

Road Trip USA - Alabama & Arkansas

Homophones Word Wall
Eye Tracking Exercises
President Notebooking
A-Z Geography - Ocean Ridge, Palisade & Peninsula
EM Daily Spelling - Week 5 - I love this is challenging him! 
Language Fundamentals - Review unit.
MUS Epsilon - 17
AAS level 3 step 14
Daily Reading - Buffalo Bill (Frontier Daredevil)
Daily Bible Devotional
Reading 101 Bible Adventures, The Ultimate Quest for Truth.
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily 
Working on Cursive.
 Speedy Science - Bones of the Hand. He made an awesome model out of clay and he really learned from this lesson!! Enjoying it is always key!

MUS  21
EM Daily Spelling - Doing well week 5. Still enjoying every moment.
Writing -Working on Cursive.
Write Shop with DD and DS2. She drew a really cute picture of Cat in the Hat for a lesson last week. It was about favorites. So she drew her favorite book character!
AAS Level 3 Step 14
EM Daily Language - Review on everything. Having issues with Adjectives.
Science Topics for her this week was: Spiders & Flies.
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily

MUS Alpha23
AAR 1 - Step 1 - We have came to a stop to review some basic skills he is having some small issues with.
EM Daily Phonics - Learning Short Vowel Sounds.
Write Shop with DD. Working on building sentences. They talked about favorites for themselves this week.
AAR Reader - Run, Bug, Run!
Working on sight words - Daily.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills.
No Mini-Unit this week. However I printed some small things from a couple places for him to use.

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