Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 37

This is our last week schooling. We are officially on our 2 week break ((HAPPY DANCE)).

Weather has been wonderful and we can't wait to enjoy it every moment. 

We had no Co-op Meetings this week and it was so very nice to relax and be home all week. It was time for a well deserved break. We enjoyed being done with school at or around lunch instead of still working until 3 or 4.


DNG Rockin Robots
Finished and Building 2 Robots that I will update with pics soon! 

Eye Tracking Exercises
President Note booking
EM Daily Spelling - Week 6 
Language Fundamentals - (-er) and (-est)
Science - Speedy Science: Hair
MUS Epsilon - 18
AAS level 3 step 14
Daily Reading - Buffalo Bill (Frontier Daredevil) He will continue reading this even on break.
Daily Bible Devotional
Reading 101 Bible Adventures, The Ultimate Quest for Truth.
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily 
Working on Cursive.
MUS  22 
** I must brag for a moment. At first this week she was scared about learning to borrow, how ever after Tuesday she has really learned great. She learned this so very quick! I'm very proud of her! **
EM Daily Spelling - Doing well week 6
Writing -Working on Cursive.
Write Shop with DD and DS2.
AAS Level 3 Step 14
EM Daily Language - Having issues with Adjectives.
Science Topics for her this week was: Water Cycle(which we already went over), Wind & Clouds(again already learned about). However this book is a great one for review if we have already learned about the topic!
Daily Reading
Reading Comprehension Builders Daily
MUS Alpha 24
AAR 1 - Step 1 - We have came to a stop to review some basic skills he is having some small issues with.
EM Daily Phonics - Reviewed Short Vowel Sounds.
Write Shop with DD. 
AAR Reader - Run, Bug, Run!
Working on sight words - Daily.
Critical Thinking book for Thinking Skills.
We have new kittens from our other cat. She had 4 kittens yesterday. They are so cute however I hope to not see that Tom Cat around again or he might not be able to be seen forever more!
 So that's a total of 9 kittens. 

 (We had to color code them lol)
The other kittens from our first momma litter are 5 weeks old and they are growing and playing. We are really enjoying them.
I am reading through the book of Proverbs. If you will look up at the top of my blog I have a button which will take you to the  host blog. 
We planted our Garden this week. This is the first time ever we have had to plant the seed into a planter. We normally do so right into the ground. However with the possible move looming over our head we decided that this would be the best option for our veggies and fruits. 

We have made an offer on a home and hope to hear something by the end of next week. Kevin has a start date for the new job and we couldn't be happier with the situation. Just praying for God to work all the details out for us. Please join me in prayer for our family!
I also wrote my first TOS Homeschool Crew Review yesterday!! WOOHOO...


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  1. Congrats on the first review! Sounds like a good week and I hope you hear something about the house soon.
    Those little kittens are so adorable!


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