Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dr Seuss Deals!!

I don't normally share off the wall kinda things however with my daughter being Seuss Crazy!!!!!!!! I just had to share these things!! Its from Zulily and I've never really even heard of them but the Ocean Day Celebration got my eye.  Dr. Seuss items are helping celebrate Ocean Day!

Totally getting this to place up for DD birthday next month!! She is going to love it. 

Thinking I might have to get this too!! They have some adorable prints that I am going to recommend to my mother and family for her birthday. She has some printables and has tons of Dr. Seuss books. She loves him so much. She has almost all of the plush animals and this site actually had some really cute puppets!! 

This link takes you to there home site... Have fun browsing I did! 

Edited to Say: YOU BETTER HURRY... The clock was sold out by the time I got checked out... I got the mug for her and this as well:


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