Sunday, June 17, 2012

Field Trips - We Love Them!

What better to do in the Summer than to explore the great things God has blessed us with? Although I have to point out that we take Field Trips all year long. We school all year long but that has nothing to do with it. Depending on the place of interest it might be best to go in a certain season.
Free Museum Day at the Catawba Science Center. We enjoyed this trip greatly!

Field Trips are like a free day around here. Not that we aren't learning its just that schooling isn't always done in the home(or school). Learning out side the box is a wonderful way to get kids engaged into the topic or subject that you are learning about. 

This was another Free Museum day. We had a blast in Hickory! 

Over the years we have been on many Field Trips. We normally like the ones cheap or free. Hey I'm on a homeschool budget!! Honestly if you look and seek and plan you can make some awesome trips for free or minimal cost to you.

 Getting ready to see the Mummies!!!!! Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures of anything in the exhibit - we were totally bummed!! 

Our homeschool coop great as it may be - don't take a lot of trips together. Personally I like just my crew going together and learning and taking our time and not having to be on a schedule. So that actually doesn't bother me at all.

 Learning in a Free Museum on one of our trips to the Beach. This was about Blackbeard.

 Fall Trips have included - Apple Orchard & Corn Maze trips.
Spring Trips have included lots of Nature Walks in parks or on the Parkway. 
Summer Trips - Beach, Water Park and again Nature Walks.

 Above - Apple Orchard

 Inside an Awesome Cave!!

We have been to many Museums to see wonderful exhibits. Some we have gotten in FREE and others we have paid to see the great rare features!

 This picture was on a trip at the Discovery Place while also visiting the Mummy Exhibit. DS1 is laying on a bed of nails.

We also try to seek out things close to home that are in the Topic we are studying on. Such as this year we done a Unit Study on Caves. So we took the kids to a near by Cave attraction. We had the best time going and exploring it with the kids. Husband and I both had done it as kids in school groups so it was wonderful to be able to take them and enjoy it together and talk about how things had and hadn't changed.  

This trip was at the USS Battle Ship in NC. We took one entire day of going through this bad boy! It was HUGE and we learned a ton about our state and the ship.

One of the greatest so far of our Field Trips has been the Mummy Exhibit we paid for and did go with the Homeschool Group to attend. We all went through it separately and enjoyed it to different degrees  but we had studied about it the month before and really was excited to see the items inside.

I think Field Trips are wonderful. They break the norm of it all. You get to have fun while learning and seeing things that aren't normally in your scope. We try to explore something monthly. Its just fun to see the kids enjoy topics!!

 This was on a Wagon Ride at the Lazy 5 Ranch. We frequent this Ranch for the fun animals and quality time we spend together as a family. 

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  1. We do a lot of field trips too. I wish we could see that mummy exhibit. Awesome!


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