Saturday, June 2, 2012

Make Over @ TOS Review Blog

I just wanted to share some big news!!!
The TOS Review Crew Blog had a makeover!! 
It looks wonderful! 
Its easier to find topics now. Its easier on the eyes so to say!
I am a very proud member of the Crew this year and I've been a follower of the blog for years. I was glad to see the makeover. 

Go on over and check it out. While your there look up some of our wonderful products we have reviewed. If your looking for some feedback your surely going to find it there!!


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  1. Hi,
    I just came across your blog while doing some internet research on CAPD. my 12 year old daughter finally was given that diagnosis after much testing. to give a bit of background...we have 6 kids with 1 on the way. we homeschool. elizabeth, our daughter with the diagnosis, is adopted & has had a lot of learning issues. we will be seeking a tutor (at the suggestion of the psychologist who tested her) who specializes in this type of disorder. My question to you you use any particular computer based programs or know of any that you might feel like recommending? Elizabeth is a visual learner & all of us involved with helping Elizabeth believe that some types of computer based curriculums or programs would be helpful. We have tried many curriculums in the past....we loved Math U See for her. But as far as anything else working all that well....not so much. I also did just receive Sue Patricks WorkBox Systems book to see how it works to set that up, especially for Elizabeth. Thanks in advance for you help. I would have emailed you but couldnt figure out how to do that.
    Wendy Simmons


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