Thursday, June 28, 2012

Schooling & Moving

Schooling has been very hard while packing and trying to move. I can only imagine how hard its going to be next week when we aren't packing anymore but moving it all to the new house. The best part is its MY HOUSE LOL...

I've always heard there is a season for everything. So this season in our homeschool is a relaxing one. I was stressing so much over what I wasn't able to do with them instead of enjoying our last days in our home. I want to make sure they always remember this house. This home has made some awesome memories for my family. We've been here 8 years and loved every moment of it. Farming that has been done I think has helped my children really have a great childhood and learned many valuable lessons.

So does it hurt kids to move? I think there is a yes and no answer here. My kids are leaving the only home they have ever known. We are leaving awesome friends. Best friends! Leaving a great church my kids love. My oldest got baptized at. Again many memories. No because we have no family around to share important events with. If someone is sick there is only momma. There is no body to help if needed and if someone in our family needs us - Guess what. With 3 kids I can't help often. Everyone is 2 hours away and I just have to not help. I can't help my aging grandmothers with simple tasks that are hard for them to do now. The kids are happy to have family that we can do things with. They want to spend time with some of there favorite people! 

Adjusting to the new home. I think this is going to be fun. DD is afraid of sleeping in the new home. So we are going to have to make sure she is secure there. The home is a lot larger than what we are living in now. Boys will be sharing there room. DD will be having her own room. Your all going to think I'm nutty but WE ARE GOING TO HAVE 2 FULL BATHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite part lol!! Really. We have a huge living room. Dining room and it connects to the kitchen. Awesome Carport. Then we have an open basement to deal with. Man oh man this is going to be fun! Kids are excited because of all the room.

So schooling - No we're not doing much. We are only schooling with what TOS Review items I have on hand. They are loving the Hear Builder Cd we are reviewing. Can't wait to tell you guys about that. DS1 and DD are learning to type and doing pretty well. We are also really enjoying Time Maps - Well DS1 and I are! 

So thats about all thats going on here in my Zoo. I know my posts are few and far between. The kids asked if we was on Summer Break and I laughed and said "I think we are." I can't say we are year rounding this time!! But hey we are still schooling!!



  1. Good luck with your move. We had a camp out in the front room on our first day in our new house, complete with roasted marshmallows :)

  2. Hi Kayla,

    I hope your move has gone well and you've settled in smoothly! I look forward to your posts - when you've got your feet back on the ground!


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