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Update on CAPD

I have posted on this topic a lot however I've not done so I guess in almost a year. I would like to update you on DS1's CAPD. Here is an information post on CAPD.
 Isn't he just the pretties thing you've ever saw??

Let me start off at the beginning. I was about at my whits end 2 years ago I just thought I was doing everything wrong. I was praying but just not having any peace about issues with him. I could plainly see it wasn't him being rude or disrespectful or lazy, so it made me wonderful what I was missing. I started talking to a friend and she led me to CAPD website. After reading a lot of info on there I decided to start calling around for tests... That was a huge issue in itself. Not many people test for this however we finally found one 4 hours away. We made apt and went after 6 hours I was told what would forever change my life.

He has CAPD, with my CAPD child he has issues with Language/Spelling/Dictation/Memory/Reading Comprehension. The reason I say it changed my life is because there was finally a reason behind all the issues I had been having with him. I finally knew it wasn't him being difficult. I think a small portion of me thought some where back in my mind maybe it was just him -- I had to pray and tell my son I was sorry for ever making it difficult on him. The therapist was helpful but of course with her being 4 hours away one way there was no way we could go there for therapy. She told me some hints and helpful advice such as companies...

Anything by Linda here:
The Listening Program We did try however I didn't see any changes!
Inspiration SoftwareThis has been an interesting one. He not only has enjoyed this one but its helped him greatly to organize his thoughts on topics of any kind. He has gotten to where he will draw maps on blank paper to help him organize his papers or just activities he wants to do.
Reading Comprehension she just suggested going through stories and really talking it through... Going back and letting him tell it in HIS words. Not to care if it was all right just as long as the point was. I never understood how very important this was for a child. Until at that point when we started and I could see how he really struggled with it. I'm very proud to say he doesn't anymore!

Memory work/Dictation: Suggestions was to give him things to do in order and see if he could follow those. He was also having issues with basic sentences. We would say maybe (example) The sky is blue and ground is hard. He would literately not be able to repeat it back to you, he would change it all around and place extra words in there. We have came up with thousands of activities that are just silly to do. A lot of games like Simon Says.

It was also suggested that he wear an FM system. He has issues hearing when there are other things going on. Like in a restaurant we have to be very careful talking to him because he hears the craziest things! This has been a very hard issue with him. He still has trouble with this. We didn't buy the FM system because we are at home the majority of time. We did however have to have separate desk areas. This has helped DS1 to not get confused.

We spent 6-7 hours there. Test was a large portion of that however some breaks for him and then talking to us about the outcome.

So after leaving she said she would be in touch. She did and we got a therapist to help us close to our home. This is where I'm going to be totally honest with you. Everything she tried to do with him was wonderful some was stuff I hadn't done BUT this particular therapist wasn't using ANYTHING THAT WAS RECOMMEND for me to do to help my son out. She had the order same as I. However it just didn't work that way. I prayed about it and after talking to my husband we just decided to let it play out. So with that said I can't say the therapist helped him improve. Do I think it helped? Yes totally. Because it was reinforcement but I was doing those same basic things at home after we came home from the testing with results.

After I wasn't that happy with the results I was getting from the therapist I started trying to look everywhere for things to help I needed to cater to the way he learned. So these are the things I changed up in our schooling and has really worked great.

Workboxes. He was having a lot of trouble being able to focus. So this came across in one of my searches. This helps him to focus on the amount of work and stay a little more organized. I am not strict at all about the workboxes. I have the book and some of her ideas are wonderful some worked some didn't. So our workbox system is a laid back style.

All About Spelling:  I can't say enough about this product. This has helped him so much. We are on level 3 this year and its really been a HUGE help. AAS helps with his memory work, his dictation issues and his sentence issues. Love this publisher. She is wonderful. We are using her other products as well. Money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

We read A LOT. I read to him. I don't care that he is going on 12 I still read to him. He enjoys it greatly. It helps him to comprehend things. I make him read out loud to himself as well as to me. I bought the McCall Crabbs comprehension book and I have been pleased to have it.
This book helps with some great questions. Worth the money especially if you can use with other children!

We play a lot of games. He learns best when he has his hands all over it. We use banana grams a lot - You could use scrabble pieces just as good. He builds his spelling words or words I ask him to. I have enjoyed the Peggy Kaye books. This helps with hands on learning for reading and language.

We use Critical Thinking books. No particular one. Just go through some here and there.

I have found that I don't have a memory issue with him if I am catering to his hands on learning!

We lapbook/notebook/unit study a lot. This makes things hands on for him!
Homeschool Share is wonderful and everything there is FREE!!!

We have to talk through a lot of things with him. This gets a little old I will be honest. However in order for him to get a clear picture he needs a lot of explanations. We use pictures and play a game that the other person has to describe the item on the picture card for the other person to guess, we only give each other 5 guesses. This has been a huge help in him thinking through his thoughts!! I just used free clip art and made them on regular paper then laminated them.
 (Above you can see he is writing a story with pictures, He is using the pictures to help form his story.)

I have finally come to see that although it might not be my best - Its his best. I'm ok with that. When you realize you have a child that is different than the mold its hard to adjust that mold. Its been 2 years since that diagnoses came and I am proud to say that he has jumped 2 full reading levels. I am very proud of that. He has improved greatly with reading comprehension and the ability not to add words and take out words in sentences or just memory work. I'm very proud of my son. CAPD isn't going to hold him back, not if I can help it. God has been wonderful to help my husband and I with patience and guidance for him! 

If you would like to read more about CAPD I would highly recommend When the Brain Can't Hear.


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  1. heya! I was diagnosed with CAPD at 3 years ago... and i have to say WELL DONE YOU! for looking into it and getting him tested!!
    i've struggled with CAPD all my life without me or my parents realising what it was (was diagnosed dyslexic, ADD and with hearing problems before finally they managed to do the right tests for CAPD) And without knowledge of what CAPD is I've had the wrong help and still struggle a LOT with the problem... you did the right thing looking into it and getting tests :D You're on the road to helping him so much! and believe me... even the little things help :)



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