Friday, June 1, 2012

Update - Starting Back

Well today we was suppose to close on our house. However that isn't happening. We are still going to be waiting 2 more weeks. ((REALLY BUMMED)).... But we must push on.

So we have all our school items packed up and I AM NOT UNPACKING THEM!!! 
We have been on break long enough(3 weeks to be exact), Time to get some kind of routine back(for me to save my sanity!!!!). 

Monday we will be starting on a few lapbooks from Homeschool Share, reading time, some miscellaneous math sheets, and spelling. For DS2 he will be reviewing AAR. That should help us get some organization back in this house and get some good fun learning going before our changes take place.

Hubby started his new job today. Can't wait to hear some news from him about how that's going. He said the first few weeks was going to be kinda boring because its all training classes and paperwork then onto the real job!

Cleaning today, going grocery shopping and stopping by the Library for some books -- ours are all packed up.

Pray for my family during this time of waiting and hurried living. My husband is driving 2 hours each way to and from work until we get moved. So please remember to pray for his traveling grace for the next couple weeks. Once we get moved he will only have about a 20 minute drive to work.

We've had a lot of fun on our break:
Fishing - Twice
Swimming - Twice
Cookouts - Three!!
Riding Motorcycles
Just hanging out together!!

Getting a great start on some summer fun... Just because we are moving and on a school break didn't mean we wasn't going to have fun!!! We have some more ideas for fun too!!


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