Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 42 & 43

 These last two weeks have been NUTS! 

Dog spayed - Didn't do well at all with meds! - Finally doing better

Kyle had a scratch from swimming at my aunts pool from couple weeks ago. We've been to Carowinds Water Park and the Middle school pool since and guess what ---- He had a HUGE spot come up on his knee where the scratch was. Took to Dr - Staph infection. Sent for Xrays to make sure nothing in joints... Xray clear - Meds started - Finally cleared up and healed. No more meds.

Lexi - 2 weeks ago we was doing our annual camping trip with our church youth group and while she was playing at the play area she was swinging and waved at one of our church members she fell off the swing backwards got up cried for a sec and begged to finish playing... I was stupid and thought that if it was broken it would show (we have never ever dealt with a broken bone). Then this week she goes to play gymnastics and does a cartwheel and well didn't do one! She fell to the ground screaming and crying so off to the Dr we went. Xrays - Result - 2 Fractures in her wrist... Hard Short Arm Cast for 3 weeks. Then xrays again to see if another cast will be needed.

Kyle started getting a bad cough and hard to breathe = Bronchitis (on top of other issue). He's finally feeling better from that too!

Went out of town yesterday Saturday within 45 minutes of home and guess what -------------- My van axle broke on my van... Scared the ever loving crap out of us!! Here it was midnight and had to call for a ride and thankful we was safe! Tow truck and Kevin took it to the Ford place because after we got home last night we looked up the recalls and guess what... The rear axle and frame has been recalled on my van since March 2012. So it was an issue with the recall. I have a loaner car from enterprise and hope to have my van back today!! Yeah I love my van...

A great close friend had a mini stroke and needs prayers badly. He is like a grandfather to our family. He calls our kids his grandchildren, He can't remember some things and is getting confused and this is heart breaking.

Pray for our house please. Finally got all the paperwork turned in from the selling bank and waiting on  closing attorneys!! AND DATE......

Pray for Kevin's 2 hours drive to work and back. Its getting hard. This is the 2nd week he's driving nuts like this. Kids are missing him. He needs rest and thats over 20 hours a week driving up and down the mountain. I've been praying for his car. Its an older runner car. Gas has been almost $150.00 each week just for him.

((insert wild - crazy laugh))
yeah right.......
All our books are packed up and we are needing moved desperately. The reason our books are packed is see, we was suppose to close 3 weeks ago on that house!! We decided that we would learn about Sharks and we have been doing that for the last 2 weeks with a lapbook. Also doing some odd and end math sheets and reading up a storm! Kids are working on a few review products I have and thats keeping some organization to our day. We are really loving some Documentaries too!

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  1. OK I think you all need a break! Easier said than done but please slow down. ;-) I mean that in a good way.

  2. LOL Carole I'm with you!! LOL XOXO


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