Friday, August 24, 2012

Final 2012/2013 Curriculum Plans

In May I posted about Curriculum plans. The post was exactly that a plan. As always I figure some things out over time. So this post is what we will be using starting September 4th which starts our new year.

Classical Conversations. History and Science topics will come from CC. We will be starting with Cycle 1 and it starts at Creation and moves forward. We will be learning Ancient History and then moving on. Science starts with Creation and moves onto Animal Kingdoms etc, and labs weekly.

Jesus Calling was originally going to be just for DS1 however after getting started with it all my children benefit from it. So its a together item with alone devotion time.

Daily read a loud time, here are my books for this year:
Ben and Me An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin by His Good Mouse Amos
Rabbit Hill

Farmer Boy

By The Great Horn Spoon

The Indian in the Cupboard

Foot Prints in the Barn

Baby Island

(Maybe Stuart Little)

Road Trip USA - We are going to finish this, I can't stand starting something and not finishing it. This is a great study and I WILL finish it by December!

DS2 - Second Grade
All About Reading Level 1 and moving to Level 2(which releases late September!)
All About Spelling Level 1
Evan Moor - Daily Phonics
Daily Writing/Copywork
WriteShop A
MUS Alpha currently once finished going onto Beta.
DS1 & DD will be using Considering God's Creation along with CC. 
Daily Devotion time
Daily Reading time

DD - Fourth Grade
MUS - Beta moving onto Gamma. She is using Multiplication Made Easy it was another TOS review item and she is doing great with it. 
All About Spelling Level 3
Winston Grammar
Daily Writing/Copywork & Cursive
WriteShop A
Editor In Chief - Beginning
Considering Gods Creation along with CC.
Daily Science - She loves this book. She has completed several levels and this is a personal request each time she finishes a book.
Daily Devotion time
Daily Reading time

DS1 - Seventh Grade (gasping for air)
All About Spelling Level 3. He will move forward alone this year. We will not be doing with DD. They each will be going at their own pace.
MUS - Finishing Epsilon moving onto Zeta. We will be supplementing with Essential Math which was a TOS review and its great! He loves it.
Winston Grammar
Daily Writing - Cursive
Writeshop D
Editor In Chief - Beginning hopefully he will fly through this and go to the next level or several!
Christian Kids Explore - Biology
Daily Devotion time
Daily reading time
He will continue working on his ASL. He is getting better and there is a free online class that I have marked for him to begin. Its a higher level but I know he will be able to get something out of it. I tried to register him for a class at the local college but they will not allow him to until 16. It wasn't a regular class it was just a 4 days class so I was hoping for the best but nope.
Literature Studies are going to be: 
BJU The Case of the Dognapped Cat.
Progeny Press - The Door in the Wall

We will be notebooking. 
Yes still using Workboxes. 
Unit studies at some point and time.

Co-op will start in October and the topic is North Carolina. This will be our first time participating in the new group since moving. We have met with them and the kids have had fun with new children. I will be helping in DS2 age group as the assistant teacher. The ladies are very nice and I'm sure we will be great friends.



  1. Looks like a good line-up!!! I have two children using MUS and they love it, well like it a lot ;) I have a 7th grader too. My dd yikes! I'm really excited about this year. Thank you so much for sharing.


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