Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting it Done - Worth It or Not?

Can you fit it all in your school day? 
Well lets be honest that's a loaded question. Some days I can fit it all in and some days I can't. 

In the beginning of our homeschool journey I was so worried about the exact minutes we spent on every subject(man has that changed). As time went on and more children came into the picture it didn't happen no longer. Which personally I think is a great thing. My other children coming made it easy to get off schedule even when I didn't want to, Very easy! 3 children homeschooling in one home, needing my attention often and only ONE ME. Fitting it all in was haunting me. For years I was very worried that if I didn't get everything done everyday I was going to scar my children/child. I was going to make them stupid if I didn't spend 45 minutes everyday on Math. Even when the lesson was finished in 20? 

Fitting it ALL in your day might honestly not be a good thing! Hear me out. When your consumed with every single thing down to the minute like I was, you miss those little moments and go over board and you make your child lose the love of learning they need and you want them to have. I know there are "certain" things you need done for having a well educated child. That's not what I'm trying to say, but just keep in mind there is always going to be someone that knows more than you/more than them. There are basics that are needed but some extras need to be just that - extras!

Make time for fun. 
If you feel compelled to have to do it all EVERYDAY then you must make time for some snuggles and game playing. This will break up all the schooling you do. I learned this the hard way. I am glad I had more than one child because it helped me see that every child was different, even down to the way they learn, read and think. Never are two kids going to need the same thing. It took years and some heart break to realize that everything didn't have to fit into everyday. We also have over the years broke up history and science. History the first half of the year and Science the last half, etc. Think about how you could lighten your load to be able to gift your child with YOU.

That brings me to the last thing I want you and I to keep in mind. You must always fit YOU IN TO THE DAY for your kids! Teacher mommy needs to take breaks often. You might be the teacher but your also MOMMY!!!!!

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  1. Trying to leave a comment. I also struggle with getting it all in. Mostly my kids clowning around causes the delay.

  2. OH, you are SO right!!! With 3 little ones, my days are consumed with "Mommying" and, I sometimes feel like I have to squeeze in homeschool for the oldest to ensure she gets is ALL done every day!


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