Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday son.
I can't believe how the time flies. I am so blessed to be a mother and I am thankful. Motherhood is great! Its also scary, tiring and busy! My first born has taught me a lot. I have learned a lot through mistakes and that makes me sad but I know I can't dwell on those. I am the best I can be everyday. I hope that one day my kids will agree.

Happy Birthday! 11 years have come and gone. So fast. 12 years old is one year older. One more chance to try to do everything right. One more chance to hug and cuddle. One more laugh. I love you my son. Your wonderfully created. Today will never come again, so cherish it, I have.

Cake - Carmel with cream cheese icing. By request, with 12 flaming candles just for you!!


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