Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homeschool Share Lapbooks

Its been a while since I've been able to update some projects that I want to find on my blog. I keep my blog as a digital scrap book for my kids. I also keep it to help me stay accountable since in my state I don't have to keep any records. We have to keep only 3 things. Attendance record, Annual Standardized Test and Immunization records. This is the way I choose to keep up with our studies. 

With the homeschool coop and all the classes I taught then with the Classical Conversations group it took a lot of my blogging time. Then with moving and trying to get Internet I am finally trying to get up and running again. 

Homeschool Share(HSS) is a favorite resource of mine. I am so glad I stumbled upon it 2 years ago. I wish they had more people talking about them to really help generate a huge following for them. Its free resources that have really blessed my homeschooling effort. They have a new blog that I really love reading. 

Here are some of the lapbooks that I have yet to add to our blog. My kiddos are always so happy to show off their work!

 This is DS2 showing off his bird mask after we learned about Backyard Birds using HSS free lapbook!

 DD and DS2 showing off there Curious George craft after completing HSS Monkey Lapbook!

 The next two pictures are showing HSS Groundhog Lapbook! This was done two years in a row. We really enjoyed this study!! 

 HSS Officer Buckle. This goes down as DS2 favorite ever!!!!!! He absolutely loved this study. I actually enjoyed seeing them get so involved about being safe! I gave them each a post it pad and man it didn't take long for me to regret that because they had post it notes everywhere!!!! LOL - Anyway a HUGE SUCCESS!

 Last update but certainly not the least... This was the HSS Space Lapbook. Space is a wonderful topic. Its a mystery yet we know so much about it. This was a long study for us I think we spent almost 2 weeks on it and really enjoyed learning about the make up of the planets and distances and stars!! This was a great put together unit. HSS always does wonderful! No extra work is every needed!

 Go on and visit Ami over at Homeschool Share. She has blessed my homeschooling journey and I know that there has to be something there for you too!!

We have completed a Shark study but I have to get it saved to the computer. It will be the next lapbook you see! The kids loved it too!


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