Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marriage ~ Good Impressions or Bad?

I just have to ask. Do you think you give off good or bad impressions in love? Marriage? 

I would say I try to give off good impressions but lets get real... I know I give off bad ones too! Marriage is hard but we have to remember we have some hard lessons to get through gracefully especially those that have kids!

Marriage Hard? LOL!!!!!!!!! YES - YES it is!! Marriage and Motherhood are two of the hardest things I will ever have to battle through. They both kinda go hand in hand in my family and life. My marriage does have to come first but my children are important. My impression that I give my children on marriage will impact them FOREVER. So not to be rhetorical but do you make good or bad impressions in your marriage?

This is so important. As a homeschool mother I wear many faces but I must remember that to my husband I am not the homeschool mother. I am his wife. Over the years I have watched couples, you know you do it to, to see the way they greet one another or the way they speak to each other. Because the very way they say hello sets the tone for what they give each other in their marriage.

Greetings are important - Its even in the bible. Apostle Paul took time to tell us greet one another warmly when we met. Jesus tells us being humble and gracious enough to be kind to our enemies too! Sometimes my enemy feels like its my husband, but its not. So no matter what I must remember my actions because I don't wish to bring harm into my marriage but one step deeper, I want to teach my kids how to treat their spouse!

The most important thing to me is when I see my husband for the first time after our long days. He comes in and straight away gives me a hug and kiss. My kids see that he comes straight in to me. He waited all day just to be back home with us. I waited all day to see him and they also see everything in the house stop for a few minutes just for daddy coming home. This is key because while they are seeing that love between mommy and daddy they see how they to are loved. Not only is this important for their worth but its important for them to see how to treat their spouse. 

Determine to greet your spouse every chance you get warmly. You never know who is watching!! Me, I know who I have watching, I want to help them flourish in every way possible. So I will try hard at everything that impacts them, for now and for future. 


Greet one another with a kiss of love. 1 Peter 5:14


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