Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moved & Getting Settled

Been a little while since I've been able to post. One we have moved. Two we had no internet. Three I wouldn't have the time!!

So here I am back ((trying)) to get back on track. We finally have a school area organized to do schooling in. We finally have at least found all the schooling books! We have things clean but yet tore apart in our home. All flooring had to go as soon as we moved in. We are in the midst of a remodel on many parts of the house so getting the house "normal" will take some time. That's alright because its our home and we got a wonderful deal in it. I keep saying we are way to blessed to be stressed!!

Schooling - We are doing school. Its not organized schooling time however. We are making sure we are retaining our skills so we don't have any surprises sneak up! Kids have been reading. We found the new library. Don't like it as much as our old one but we will adjust.

All of us miss things from our old home. We miss our friends so badly at this point. I'm hoping once we start in with the new homeschool group it will help the kids find friends and help the way they feel about leaving the ones behind. They are writing notes to the ones they are missing. They have called and spoke with them. They will never be forgotten. Same for me I have a friend no I have a sister that I am missing so much. I seriously cry when I think about it. I pray that it gets better. Husbands job is going good. He is enjoying it and I pray daily for his safety. I also am not liking the once a month pay but I am so trying to budget for it, its hard!!

We will miss this home. So very much.

This is our new home. Much bigger. Much work!!
We painted the shutters first thing. Next year there will be new siding go on the home. Tan color.

Moving from old home. With some wonderful best friends helping!

 In the midst of all the mess they will still find room to play!!! It doesn't look that bad still but there is nothing on the floor but sub flooring. We purchased hard wood floor but its on back order. Was already suppose to be delivered but its not yet!! Can't wait for that!

Please pray for our family. Thanks bunches. Just wanted to update everyone. I'm sure I've missed much with my readers and I look forward to talking with you again!!


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