Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Products From AALP & Freebie

If you have read my blog any at all you know I love All About Learning Press. All About Spelling is awesome. I have said many times All About Learning Press saved my homeschool (that and workboxes). This program has helped my struggling son be more confident in his studies. This has helped my daughter whom loves spelling and language excel rapidly. 

I want you to know of some new products and also some that are coming soon. 

  • Clues for knowing when to use ANCE or ENCE for the sound of /─Ľnts/ as in significance and conference
  • Strategies for spelling words with Latin and Greek elements as in deductible and hydroscope
  • Loan words from French, Spanish, and Italian such as camouflage and scenario.


 Also something I'm so looking forward to!!!!!!!! 
Its coming late September. My little guy isn't ready for it just yet but its something I can't wait to order when they release. This program has been so wonderful for him. He loves Ziggy and the games in the supplement book! Learning should be fun and with AAR it is just that.

AALP is celebrating the soon release by having a free download every 2 weeks. Here is the link to their awesome blog that has the FREE download. 

They also have other downloads for pre-level.

Check them out! If your like me I needed all the help I could get with teaching phonics/language/sounds and reading. I haven't looked at any other program since we started. I have been so highly pleased. That's why I update on our progress so often. I love All About Spelling and All About Reading. You will not find a better program!


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