Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Not Back To School Celebration August 27

The tradition in the Arrowood Family is to celebrate the day public school goes back to school and we don't. Very simple to understand. We celebrate that we have the freedom, privilege and blessing to homeschool our children. I am so happy that this is a freedom I have. I don't answer to no one about how and what my kids learn. For this I am very thankful!!

So in our new county, school started August 27. Our celebration started as soon as breakfast came.

Special Breakfast - Pancakes with fruit and a candle to blow out! Blowing out candles is just fun no matter what or who you are!!! 

 Look at that smile!!

Then we made a poster of  "Why We Homeschool". I loved hearing what the kids thought about this topic! They really cracked me up with lots of there answers. I talked to the kids about why our family decided to homeschool and over the years how that actually changed. We talked about what hopes and blessings we hoped it brought to them and our family. 

We are going to hang that on display in our school room for a while.

After that we left to go to the Library for some special 'out of the house time'. Went to the park for a picnic and actually ran into new homeschool families that we had just met a few weeks ago. Talked and enjoyed fellowship with them. Kids enjoyed playing with some new friends - although the boys didn't really play. The mothers that where there was celebrating a girls birthday so not really any boys there to help my boys along! 

 On to a special supper - Breakfast Pizza and Lemon Pound Cake


Ice Cream

I would say thats a HUGE celebration!!!!!!!!! I'm tired and so ready for bed!! LOL but I'm happy that I homeschool my children. Every day I enjoy them its a wonderful blessing. I appreciate all the hard work of the past homeschoolers that really paved a road for my freedom!  I love making memories for my kids. We love making traditions for our family and I hope they will always remember the fun times we have and the effort that it takes too!


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  1. What a fun celebration! I agree with you about blowing out candles.


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