Thursday, August 9, 2012

TOS Review: Math Made Easy

Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy Created By: Glenda Brown James
Pricing: Multiplication Book $24.95
Age ranges for this is roughly 3rd – 4th grade.

Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy is a workbook that helps teaching multiplication facts. This book far exceeded my expectations. My daughter is the one I am using this book with. She is 9 years old finishing up grade 3. She had no prior teaching of multiplication facts. She has been asking to learn them and we had just started learning them the week this review came up for grab! I was thrilled. This book is very nicely laid out. There are no other materials you will need. The book has awesome assortment of activities to do. The lessons need no prep work however the games you do need to do small things with, nothing to time consuming though!
  • Lesson Plans
  • PreTest
  • Six Weeks of Daily Activity Sheets
  • Post Test
  • Games
  • Flash Cards

We use this product twice a week. She is doing wonderful, I love the way the book starts off with the easy things. It helped DD have a sense of accomplishment to help her strive to do better and learn more however we have hit a snag on some of the higher numbers for her. She said she didn’t want to move along until she could say the answers quickly. So for now we are on week 5. She always has to do things perfectly. I fear this will harm her at some point, but be aware it’s not me pushing her to do it perfectly. She sets her own expectations and I am here to help her. So for now we are just using the drills and moving as fast as she allows me to. I love the simplicity of this program! It’s so easy to use and there is nothing further that you need.  I actually glued a pocket inside the front cover to store the flash cards inside. Just helps me have everything in one place!

My overall opinion of this review would be this is a wonderful book. Price is alright for what you get. I think the overall book and worksheets could use a little more thought or design to it to help the kids keep attention focused. I of course wouldn’t want it to fancy distracting but there has to be a middle ground. The only negative I am going to say is I don’t see this being a stand-alone math curriculum but a great supplement!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was received, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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