Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday August 15

This post is a long one. We have done a lot the last couple days. We have tried getting adjusted to the new house but we also want to know the things around us, so we have explored a little!

 All my favorite men playing ball!

 DD doing tricks with Droopy! She loves her bunches!

Our new addition to the family. She is a rescue and her name is Fudge.

 My nutty husband - enough said.

 Reading time with Daddy. I think they were very happy to have this start back. With the moving and unpacking and just tiredness(word?) they hadn't done much so we have got that back up and running!

We visited a Civil War Trail site in a town near us one evening. Andrew's Geyser in Old Fort, NC.

They played in the creek.

Then we went to the Old Fort - Fort. They loved it, the kids(well and daddy too) asked if we could go home get our toy bows and guns and come back and play soon! 

Yesterday we took a trip to the highest point south of Canada and this side the Mississippi!!It was high, beautiful and a great day to picnic and hike.

 While picnicking we got attacked by this cute fellow. Really he wouldn't leave us alone so we through him a couple pieces of bread and we escaped!!

Hike... Rocks... Happy Boys.

 Daddy wanted mommy in a picture.

Speaks for itself.

Another 4 leaf clover from the 4 leaf clover investigator.


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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And not too far from me either!

    I am starting a new link up- Field Trip Friday- to showcase all the great homeschool field trips available! I would love for you to link this post! Thanks!


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