Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Molly Crew Review ~ Everyday Homemaking

As a perk to being on the TOS Crew, we also get the opportunity to review Molly items as well. If you don't know what Molly is its for the awesome "Molly Green" from The Old Schoolhouse site. She helps with learning the basics of homemaking and making it affordable! Simple tips that are time saving and great! 
I like Molly! 

The Molly Crew was given a choice between the Everyday Family Chore System or the Everyday Cooking Cookbook. Being the person I am, I totally choose to learn about new recipes!

I received a PDF/eBook version of the cookbook which is priced at $14.99 but you can get the actually book for $17.99. The cookbook is 100 pages filled with all kind of tips, as well as the recipes. You can also see a preview of the product here

My family enjoyed several of these recipes. I will also admit some of them I already knew how to cook but her ingredients might have been a little different. I enjoy cooking. My family sits at the table nightly for supper together. This is something Kevin and I never had as a child growing up and so that's the one thing that our kids will always be able to say, "We ate supper together daily." Its important to me to be able to provide my kids with something filled with love and goodness from my heart to theirs. I'm a country girl and that's how a lot of families connect with each other is by FOOD! My family has a different love for food than others probably, because anything I cook I have to be able to adjust it to my oldest sons diet. I cook 2 meals most the time, one for hubby - me and 2 kids and then I cook something for my oldest which has PKU and his protein intake has to be monitored.

So here are some of the awesome recipes we tried:

Sausage Cheese Balls - I've made a recipe for years and I could never get it "hot/spicy" enough however I would of never thought to add Tabasco to the mixture!!!??!! Brilliant!! So I made with the Tabasco (off brand) and man was it awesome! It was exactly what I had been missing for years! 

 (don't laugh at my counter tops - this house is a work in progress)

 Chocolate No Bakes - One word - WONDERFUL! 

Taco Seasoning Mix - My family eats LOTS of Mexican style food. However I always just buy those stupid  little packages because I never really thought about what I needed to make my own. Man was the recipe of hers simple but its good too! Taste was the most important thing here!! Its a great mixture. I mixed it up and just placed into a small mason jar with lid. 

Basic Muffin Recipe - I'm very guilty of buying the pouch of muffin mixtures! There easy and fast and again I really just never gave any thought to what I needed to make my own. The recipe in the book was so easy, It was stuff I already had in the pantry and that made it easier!!!!! I made the pumpkin muffins from the cookbook and I can't brag enough. I already had everything in my house and then honestly the recipe didn't take 5 mins. I was shocked at how easy making them from scratch was but I will admit I didn't think they would be any good. Wrong again! My kids begged for more but then I was out of baking powder! LOL...

Chicken & Dumplings - I was so glad to actually find out the "real" way to make Dumplings! I love making chicken and dumplings however I always use Bisquick. They were easy as pie to make and they tasted much better than the Bisquick ones I've made for years.

Lasagna - Perfect and this was nearly the recipe I always make! Lasagna is my smallest sons favorite food, He will say when I'm making it that he feels like Garfield! LOL.

So you get the point that this cookbook is LOADED with awesome recipes that have some really tasty recipes. I think there is a lot of misconceptions about from scratch cooking. I think the main one is that it takes forever to cook everything and since we are so busy we don't have time for it.... WRONG!! We do have time for it and its easy recipes! Its healthier for our families too! 

Go on over here and see what my fellow Molly Crew thought about the Everyday Cook book and the Family Chore System!

Disclaimer ~ I received this ebook from the TOS crew in exchange for my honest opinion of the product to place on my blog.


  1. I've been making no-bakes for years; since I was less than 10! We love them! They are great to take along to a party. I've found that, using my pampered chef small cookie scoop, I can get many cookies from a single batch :)

    Mona Lisa @

  2. Thanks for the yummy review! :) No-bakes are my husband's favorite -- along with the lasagna! Couple those with the garlic cheddar biscuits for an Italian meal with a nice chocolate dessert. So glad you enjoyed your cookbook!


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