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TOS Review: Music Together

Another wonderful review courtesy of The TOS Crew. My family received Music Together Family Favorites CD and Songbook Combo. This is available for a special price of $39.95 (a $5 discount). If you use the coupon code “Schoolhouse” at checkout on the Music Together online store, you can save an additional $2 on your purchase.

The 112 page songbook helps the teacher, me (which isn't very musical lol). It gave me outlined suggestions and some activity ideas for my kids. All songs had teaching tips which was a HUGE help to me. The CD has 19 different songs on it. The music differs greatly. Lots of different rhythm and gives some different cultural music exposure as well.

The company originally started  25 years ago by offering small movement music classes to the public. Their company has grown greatly throughout the United States actually World Wide. They have many awards such as A Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award, Mom's Choice Gold Award and many more.

Music Together believes that all children are musical. I would have to agree 100% in my personal experience with teaching my children facts. Music in some way or another speaks to everyone! Today the company still offers classes here in the US and overseas. Over time they expanded to resources like the one my family has.

My smallest two children enjoyed the music and movement and simply getting to be silly with mommy. I allowed my oldest son to skip this review. This product is geared towards babies, toddlers and children with special needs however it goes to an age range of baby - 7 years old. You can adjust this to your needs. One fun thing about this program is that you get to interact with the music in a silly way. We made cups with beans in them for our song Palo, Palo, which is a Dominican folk song. That was fun and we incorporated more than just music! I like multitasking. They had a blast coming up with musical instruments to use each song. In one lesson its letting the kids play with kitchen pots and pans - well mine would grab them almost every single song for something after that!! It was really cute, I thought, but loud!

One day I was finishing up with my oldest school lessons and was hearing something up stairs, when I came up the stairs this is what I saw:

DD was sitting in her chair with the music playing really low not to bother us and she was singing along to the CD. She loved just listening and singing along to what we had interacted through and learned. 

We decided to use this review in the evenings after our normal routine was complete. Normally twice a week. This helped us have a good spirit for the rest of the day. We also took the CD along in the car and they sang to the CD often. My oldest also learned some of the songs while listening in the car but he again wasn't included. 

I enjoyed having the ideas supplied to me for the music simply because I am not very intelligent when it comes to musical anything! I was nervous about the review however I didn't have to "teach" music after all. It was more of a involvement and movement to music than teaching actual music. Which I will admit was a relief! At first glance I was concerned that I wasn't going to understand - all I had to do was start reading through the Teacher Book and I could see that this was going to be something I could do!

Overall this program was very easy to use in my homeschool day. It was fun to use with my kids. We could be silly together and enjoy moving and playing. Singing is something we do daily. We listen to praise music daily as our mornings are getting started so this was a pleasant change to actually have a special time sat aside to do "music together".

Want to listen to a sample?? Click here.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this product for my honest opinion of the product. I received no other compensation.


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