Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #1

This week was a great week of schooling. We got off on a great note. No big snags and fusses. Everyone working together and that makes everything work better for everyone. If you haven't been reading here is our choices for this year & We moved 2 hours away from the only home my children have ever knew. We are all doing good but we do miss several things!!

This week there was a lot of home improvements as well as just gearing up for school. This is our first school year in our new home(we've only been in the home for 2 months). That means not everything is fixed to "OUR" liking nor style just yet. We will get there as money and time allows lol. So this week we have finished the floors. We had extra so DD's room actually got hardwood flooring first. We plan to do all the rooms in hardwood but we didn't expect to have it left from the Dining, Living room and hall. We also are trying to get everything painted. I have the dining room, living room and hall way finished.  Also since we have a sleep walker we had to take extra precautions this week to make sure they didn't get outside with the neighbors having a pool!! There was a not - so - pleasant experience with the "sleep walker" this week!!

 Working Together

Schooling Together

Classical Conversations Week 1 Cycle 1
Timeline - Creation - 1st Intermediate Period in Egypt (motions got memorized wonderfully)
Science - Explored Creation with some activities(using Considering God's Creation) and talked about Animal Classification.
History Sentence - First 5 of the 10 Commandments
Geography - Mediterranean Sea, Fertile Crescent, Samar, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
Talked about Prepositions! This will carry on over into several other weeks as well.

There was this Fertile Crescent video that is hilarious, my kids really enjoyed that!!  Also Rap and Lesson with Croissant!  

We read about Ancient Egypt and about Mummies. We done a little mummy activity with the process that they would of done to mummify.

Daily Devotional with Jesus Calling

TOS Review Items:
We are using Music Together.
DS1 and DD are using Box of I.D.E.A.S. topic Pearl Harbor, which is perfect for DS1. He has enjoyed this and I actually see a spark in DD for the love of history like her brother starting to grow!
Next week we will be staring Kinderbach and DS1 and DD will be using Dayspring Christian Academy for The Pilgrim Story.

MUS Epsilon - 18
Essential Math (Tuesday and Thursday)
AAS Review for the new year - Level 3 step 1 through 15 review
Editor In Chief - Lesson 7, Doing really well with this. It is needed for him to think through his editing skills. Made him write a better story this week too!
WriteShop - This week we only used the Story Prompt cards for stories but next week we will start D.

 (He's working on his ASL in this picture)
Daily Reading
Daily Devotion
Christian Kids Explore Biology - Lesson 1. He could of went on to lesson 2 but I tried to keep it until next week for Classical Conversations because its the same topic.
Worked on cursive handwriting.
Lit Study BJU Case of the Dognapped Cat - Lesson 3

MUS Beta - Lesson 22
Multiplication Made Easy - Reviewing 0,1,2,5,10,11.
AAS Level 3 - Review for the new year. She has forgotten some rules so we are doing a quick kick review from step 1 and will continue the review for next week too if she hasn't remembered. She is working her way back to step 14.
EM Daily Science - Space
Write Shop A and also used the writing prompt cards for stories this week! She wrote a very cute story this week about an elephant and an over talkative monkey that was moody!!!!!!! LOL it was a great story!
Editor In Chief - Lesson 3
Daily Devotional

Daily Reading

MUS Alpha - Lesson 24
AAR Level 1 - Step 15. He is doing really well with this. I have seen that if I do the majority of the lesson with him and a little review and then later in the evening pick it back up with some quite mommy time he doesn't get wiggly!! So we are reviewing the fluency sheets in the evening.

Working on some other sounds with a cute little book I found that just helps him with beginning sounds and ending sounds. Same and different sounds. Just a really cute supplemental book with cutting and pasting activities. Which he loves!
Copywork this week was a few different sentences this week that he himself can read as well as write.
Daily Devotion
Daily Reading Practice as well as someone reading to him daily.


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  1. The floors look great. We did ours a couple of years ago, and it was fun to say goodbye to the carpet!


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