Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #2


This week was a little harder. Trying to get everything done for the week is stressing me out. I'm still trying to really get everything situated. Three kids needing ONE mommy. I have one that can't read well so I am constantly with him and having to get him started before I can get to work with the other two. However we are having good attitudes so thats the biggest obstacle!

Together this week we done a lot:
Bible Study (with daddy nightly)
Daily Devotional Time (15-20 mins)

 Classical Conversations Week 2: 
Art - Basic Shapes with Oil Pastels. We had never worked with them before and this was fun for all!
Mirror Images - This was interesting! Challenging too!
We done 2 science experiments this week. One was suppose to be last weeks and I kinda over looked it :)
Finding out how vibrations help a spider locate prey in his web by using yarn or string and plucking it while the other person is not looking. You will pluck at different places and have the ability to feel the vibrations be different. We also worked on a Pinto bean. Looking and labeling the outside as well as the inside!! 
The Commandments 6 - 10
Classifying Animals - We are using a Lapbook from Homeschool Share for this.

We also used Considering Gods Creation - Universe Booklet
We are practicing counting by 3's and 4's.
History/Geography we had some interesting topics this week: Assyrian Empire, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Babylon! Assyrian people where very violent. We located and learning where each location was.

Cute little fall painting craft! I'm going to hang this in our dining room!

Guess who is getting good at tying shoes without help?? DS2!!!

MUS 24 - He got angry this week that there wasn't much addition! So I actually spent some time asking him addition problems after his worksheets!
All About Reading Level 1 - Step 15 & 16. He actually done so well with the blend "th" I was shocked. He has had some issues with other letters that are alone! This was wonderful. He had a little to much fun with the activity this week!!!!!!! -- JUST SAYIN--

We started something new this week as well. He is getting better at reading so I wanted to help him more with some "sight words". He will be having 4 weekly. This weeks words where: See, The, A, And. He can spell them and write them from memory which is exactly what I wanted!!
Phonics workbook (almost done)
He completed a fun book this week that is a personal favorite for him. Micky Mouses Word Searches!
He wrote daily in a daily writing book.

 She is into making bracelets and so they kids came up with an idea to have a store in the front yard. They made a wooden sign and screamed after school " BRACELETS FOR SALE .25 cent " all week, so much so I REALLY had a dream about it. I'm sure the new neighbors think we are a little strange but I am not going to tell my kids no on something like that. She has had 3 customers. All family but thats alright! Others don't know what they are missing out on! DREAMS ALIVE HERE PEOPLE!!

If you read normally you know she is my science girl. So with that in mind this week when preparing items for her workboxes I printed out some mini books I had bought over the last little while from Scholastic's Dollar Deals! This was a hit with her!!
Science Mini Book - Creepy Crawler Insects & Why Animals need Trees
She completed Our 50 States mini book about how the states came to be.
MUS 23 - Working on Time skills
Reviewed more multiplication facts
Vocabulary book using proper verb tense
Write Shop Prompt Cards
AAS Level 3 Step 15 & 16

Editor In Chief - 4 lessons this week working on Capitalization, Commas and Periods.
CR & FL blends
TOS Review -The Pilgrims Story Lessons 1 and 2. This has been a very interesting study for the kids and I. I am learning more than I ever knew! Talking to the kids about Roman Catholics and Kings are interesting!

She finished another scarf!!

New member of the family(he wanted something since DD got something).
Meet Henry the hamster.
Mastering Essentials Book 1 - Reviewing of dividing by multiples of 10
MUS 18
Biology - Animal and Plant Cells. He made a model of an Animal Cell. Took him out of his comfort zone because he isn't the crafty one in the family and he doesn't like using glue! LOL...
TOS Review: Box of I.D.E.A.S. Pearl Harbor - Learned what the name came from and history of Pearl Harbor in the beginning.
WriteShop Punctuation Folders
Cursive writing
Reading - The Boxcar Children
AAS Level 3 Step 15 & 16
Editor In Chief - He completed 9 lessons this week. He really is flying through this like I hoped so he could get a good review and foundation but move to the next levels soon!
TOS Review -The Pilgrims Story Lessons 1 and 2. This has been a very interesting study for the kids and I. I am learning more than I ever knew! Talking to the kids about Roman Catholics and Kings are interesting!

BJU Lit Study Lesson 3 - We had a little snag on this but we will move forward!!!!

I made several new desserts this week that wasn't really "on the plans"... What can I say I lived dangerously this week!!!!!

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Apple Dumplins

I also made something new this week - Potato Soup. It was way better than I thought because I actually had a back up plan! I will post the easy recipe for that later.

Had a Dinner guest this week. Hubby's sister!

I worked on priming and painting the old set of bunk beds. I will post about that soon. They are finished and coming in today when DH gets home!! Can't wait to see them in the boys room. They looked old and needed some love. They don't look like that now!!

OHHHHHHHH and if Wednesday you missed National Chocolate Milkshake Day -- YOU DIDN"T LIVE!! So hurry and go get one and say "Oh I thought today was Wednesday". Nothing's better than homemade!! The kids said it was just like a Frosty... But I pointed out a Frosty isn't a milkshake :)

I'm glad its Friday. I'm going to my bed now!!!!!!!!! And yes its just 3 o'clock.


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