Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Week 9 (BREAK)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marriage Devotional Part 4

Marriage is one of those wonderful mysteries. Honestly it takes years to get things in order to have a road to success. However if your following God and pray for each other it can take less time and have less bumps in the road to the finish line. 

 I love this quote! Its beautiful. Beyond that its totally true!

I've wrote several times and its been a while but find them here if you would like to be encouraged in your marriage a little more!  

Love Tolerates No Rivals...
Fury is cruel, and anger is a flood, but who can withstand jealousy? 
Proverbs 27:4

Jealousy is something that in our culture is a hard thing to battle. Everyone always has something bigger and better than you. Lets flip it to a marriage though. Does someone else have a nicer husband? A prettier wife? A friends husband is more thoughtful than yours? On and on I could go. Jealousy is like a snake its between your feet before you notice. Then it leads to fighting and nasty things said to each other. Guard your tongue! Guard your mind! Be thankful! Your mate may be better than you at many things but take pride in it. They think the same about you. I stink at math but I'm so much better at organization and teaching than he is. Work together on the strengths! Let love lead instead of Jealousy!

Love Cherishes
Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies.
Ephesians 5:28

There is a bond that grows between a husband and a wife that no other can touch.
When we first got married it was so neat to think we had to make decisions together and we had to pay bills together, we bought items together. Love makes you come together. Many things in our life has pushed us apart but you must remember it takes the both of you to push towards that happy place to cherish each other. I don't mind being my husbands because I know he will always look after me. Love is a choice. You must make yourself. Its not in us - Its in God.

Love Fights Fair
If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
Mark 3:25

Sooner or later the honeymoon stage wears off and your going to fight. Your going to not agree! It comes soon and stays forever. The way you handle the disagreements will be key. Love should be the first thing in your mind on responding to your spouse. Yeah right -- I'll say it for you! But really if your going to train your mind to think of responding in love it will not need your thoughts many times. I've been told that if you do something enough, 21 days to be exact it becomes a habit. Fights help us learn to work together in a way we would never learn before. Soon it takes and shapes your character for the better. Turn it around for good. Your marriage is worth more than you ever know.

Love Relies on God
Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching, and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you.
Matthew 7:7

Loving is something I thought would always come easy, kinda just happen. Boy was I wrong. Its something that you have to work on. Its a choice that you make and you  have to make until you have it down pat! Marriages are full of needs. Heck I'll go one further - I'M FULL OF NEEDS. We all are. We are needy people by nature. Our flesh doesn't know how to love with out God directing it. I would hear people say before I gave my life to Jesus that you didn't know love until then, and it would kinda make me mad. Like I didn't know how to love anyone because I wasn't a Christian. Man I needed a different perspective. Once I was saved and finally years later I totally can see what that means. It means that only God has a love that never is conditional. It loves all the time even to people you don't want it to! It doesn't have a distinction and boy am I glad of that. We have to rely on God for our love choices. We must love everyone even if our hearts are saying lets not. Our spouses are going to make mistakes. When my marriage has had mistakes within its only been God that helped me through it. I didn't help myself. He helped me because I relied on him. Pray for truth in your marriages, pray for humble hearts and forgiving ones. Every marriage needs something. Pray for that and rely on God to fix it. Sometimes even when you want to fix something in your marriage, its just not for you to fix. I learned that the hard way. Let God do his job friends. Pray for it and he will fix it his way.