Sunday, October 7, 2012

Groundhog Lapbook - Homeschool Share

Once again I am posting Lapbooks that I thought I had already posted about. I added them to our list however just never actually posted about the subject studied. In other words this is a catch up post lol...

Again this is our scrapbook so every once in a while I will update with things I missed or didn't have time to get the first time around. That's what is happening here!

Groundhogs Lapbook from Homeschool share. The best place ever might I add!! 
We love the FREE lapbooks from Homeschool share the team there is wonderful!

My guys really enjoy taking there time on these great books. We had fun with this. They couldn't quite get the drawing of the Groundhog the way they wanted for the second picture but I loved them!

 We have Groundhogs around our house. In the pasture so the kids loved learning about the other names they are called. Every time DS2 sees one know he calls it a Wood Chuck. The only real thing we already knew about these creatures was the size, color and they love eating our gardens! Not a great thing to know.

Rodents is an understatement.

 The best thing about doing lapbooks is there is never a wrong way to do it. My guys love that they can never mess it up or do something wrong. I still have to help DS2 write but he enjoys every minute of it.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! We have them all over the place here. We call them whistle-pigs.


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