Monday, October 8, 2012

Nature, Talks & Walks

As a child I can remember going on camping trips and fishing at the lake. However the one thing I wish I could remember are the talks that my dad, brother and I had. I guess if they would of been meaningful I would of remembered them? Honestly I'm not being mean we just didn't really talk. My dad didn't take us often but I can remember going and the memory of that is nice. My husband didn't go at all. His dad wasn't interested in the outdoors. He loved to play outside with his cousins and mainly had to play by himself. He was an only child and he reminds our children often that its a pleasure to have a playmate all the time.

So with our children we try to allow them to not only explore their surroundings and have a love for nature but I can't tell you how much love comes from spending time with them outside. I get to see them differently. They are relaxed and its time for some extra fun without a right or wrong and a yes - you can get dirty. Its just a peace of mind that comes from getting to enjoy what wonderfully beautiful things God put on this earth for our daily life. Don't be to busy to enjoy them!

 (Play outside clothes are a must lol - Just a hint. My kids also go through shoes like its something I can make daily lol...)

 They enjoy playing daily (weather permitting) out in the yard. The free feeling they get from not worrying about making a mess is a nice thought to me and them! They get to use their creativeness and they can be great explorers or bug detectives or an elephant in the jungle escaping (yes really). You name it - they have been it. They love to gang up and build things out in the yard as well. I will not tell them no, even the time they built a tee-pee under the apple tree. It wasn't going to hurt them so I just let them work away at building something. It's good for them. One they are working together as a team and getting to enjoy each other while creating something to use only for play. Makes me proud when they team up and work to make something together! Oh and yes it was made from real wood.

Nature trips are something we take too. We go camping, hiking and fishing and field trips! I love the talking that is brought out of them while sitting on the creek bank. Many times we get to talk about God and family. Lots of talks about character issues and some silly - very silly stories are normally told. 

As my kids age I hope these memories stay with them FOREVER. I hope they are memories and talks that they will cherish in their hearts. I know for my husband and I they are some of the most special moments in our life. To relax with our blessings in the awesome mighty world that God created for us. I hope that my children realize how much family time it took to raise them this way. Nature can't be rushed. You have to have time to explore it.

Be prepared for questions that your not going to know! I'm not a very educated person and many times while we have been some where or just sitting and something catch our attention in the creek, they have asked something and we have had to come home and find the answer to it simply because hubby and I  didn't know the right answer to tell them. They get to see mom and dad learn as they do. I think homeschooling over all has taught me a lot but I've learned things I never knew by homeschooling my own kids. 

Outside time is necessary for a child I think. It helps them be a child. A free spirit.

As a homeschooler we homeschool outside lots of ways too. We have done school on the trampoline, grass, swing, front porch and in the barn. Spelling on the trampoline was interesting but we did make it. That's the best part about homeschooling. I can school anywhere I like. On gorgeous days we just feel like getting outside. Then once done we hurry and make lunch and normally take it out on those days too! What awesome freedom homeschooling has given my family. 

My fellow crew mates are also talking about the Great Outdoors. Each of us has a different take on it so please go enjoy others views!! 



  1. How fun that the kids built a teepee! I wanted to try building a sod house in our backyard, but I guess we should start with something simpler. LOL

  2. I went camping often when I was younger- and I am sure I enjoyed it then- don't now lol!
    It looks like you are facilitating good memories for your kids, like you have fond memories.
    Isn't homeschooling wonderful- it can be done anywhere :)

  3. My boys go through shoes like crazy too!! It looks like you guys have a great time, I enjoy the family time we get when we are all together doing something outside too.

  4. Love the pictures! Looks like your kids are having lots of fun!


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