Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Word Special

My children are all special to me in tons of different ways however by standards of others special means different things. So lets explore it.

spe·cial - adjective

of a distinct or particular kind or character: a special kind of key.
being a particular one; particular, individual, or certain: You'd better call the special number.
pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique: the special features of a plan.
having a specific or particular function, purpose, etc.: a special messenger.
distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual: a special occasion; to fix something special.

So what does special mean to you? Your kids? Your family?
Well I go to thinking of my children and the individual issues we have with them. 

  Special in many ways to me. My first born. He made me a mother. He has the most humble heart I've saw in a child. He loves to write songs about Jesus. He is always asking questions!  He loves me and to me that makes him special yet again. However he is special also because he has Auditory Processing Disorder and PKU, a disease. So my son here is "special" in two entirely different ways. I go back and think of all the improvement in his CAPD. From two years ago to today. He's improved so very much. He's able to read better. He can retain information better. However he still can't listen to you in background noise. PKU on the other hand is something that he will never rid himself of, but with much prayer I feel God has made it easier to tackle and manage.

My daughter is special because she is my only daughter. She is the most thoughtful person I know. Always making cards or little notes for me. She is all little girl with barbies and pretend cooking with her stuffed animals by her side. This makes a special place for her in my heart. She has such character. Loving. Special and dear to my heart. She loves animals and nature. She loves reading. However when she was 13 months old she was diagnosed with Apraxia, a speech impairment. So again "special" in a totally different way. She learned sign language and had to use cards to help me understand what her needs and wants where. I was so lost as a parent at this time because all I wanted to do was help my "special" child. Looking 8 years later - future time today. She has nothing wrong with her speech. She loves to read. She communicates a little to well. I joke sometimes that she is making up for the communication she lacked for almost a year. 

 This one is loaded. I didn't want my son when I found out I was pregnant with him, pardon the honestly here, I'm not proud of this but it took me to that horrible place I guess I needed to go. Horrible time in my life. Man did God know just EXACTLY what he was doing(as if I should of doubted that). I wasn't living all that "right" so God didn't really cross my mind other than just to question him on why he would give me another child. After all I was struggling parenting the 2 "SPECIAL" children I already had. Soon DS2 came and from first sight he was perfect. God changed my heart and along with that I think God had many special purposes for him. DS2 is my clown. Comedian. He has a very special talent for being silly. He tells the best stories and has a little twang in his talking. He can make anything better. He's a real worker and loves Meatloaf! I love him to pieces. He is special because he brought me closer to God. DS2 loves to cuddle. He's still comes first thing in the morning to get in bed and cuddle. My heart over flows with joy! Again though DS2 has "special" happening in another meaning. He is on the mild side of Autism. However with tons of prayer and changing our school life. He has excelled! 3 years ago I would cry almost daily. He would have these "zone - out" times and there was no comforting him at all. Do you know what that does to a mothers heart not to be able to help her child? It tears it apart. I talked and talked to Dr's that wanted medicine to help. I just wouldn't do it. My God was better than any medicine I could of been given. Now he is 7 and no medicine, no zone outs, no more hiding because he can't take people. No more act outs and no more issues learning that can't be tolerated. Do I still see things in him that makes him that kind of special? Yes I do but I know how far he has come and I know he is going farther. Sensory issues - yep he has that too. So he really is special isn't he! He still to this day can't stand the stif feeling of covers, he hates anything gritty, he can't stand the combs on a brush over his head, its tears him to shreds. He loves things to touch that are cold and soft and fluffy. I like to say he's extra special because God knew how we started out!

I ran into a little boy this week that touched my heart so much. He's one of the sweetest things I've laid eyes on. He's what others call "special" as in SPECIAL NEEDS. After all I have steered away from that second word all post long! You know what I've been meaning -- RIGHT??
This little boy is sure special but special needs never crossed my mind. He's so smart, funny and he was so giving. He didn't have anything to give me actually I gave him a few things. He had no clue what he gave me but I knew it immediately in my heart! 
You see special has many meanings. It can be personal or meant in a character kind of way. Anyway you look at it. We are all judging people in a not so special way! Think about it...
May it bless your heart and mind as it did mine.


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