Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughtful Kids

Do you sometimes wonder what our little ones are thinking?? Sometimes they are very vocal when it comes to letting you know what they are thinking and wanting. However what are they thinking when they are quite? When they are just being kids? My children are all of course old enough to talk and make their own choices. Does that mean you let them every time?

Sometimes a lot here lately my kids have really surprised me with the way they are thinking... I was joking asking my husband the other day if it was something in the water at the new house??

We are trying to get on a new schedule so that the house can run at a semi normal level. After school finishes about 1:30ish we try to eat lunch and free play. So the kids are allowed to go out side for a while and do chores a little later. Last week they really caught me off guard. I started hearing some beating noises and hammering and DD ran into get a sharpie. So I thought to myself -- Should I ask? Or let them carry on? I didn't ask showed her where the sharpie was and got a kiss and she ran back out side. I peaked out the back window and I could see all 3 of the kids working hard at something? I couldn't really make it out. I wasn't wanting them to know I saw. One they where working TOGETHER building something. No fussing. No whining. Then I hear the bottom basement door open and I thought what in the world... Still I didn't hollar and ask I just let them do their thing.

About 15 minutes passed and I saw them come in to the front yard carrying a sign they had build. It was a cross and a pretty good size one at that. I went outside to see at this point. They (ds1) had wrote " Jesus Is Our Boss". 

 Then I just talked to them about how proud I was with the sign they made and asked what they planned to do with it? They said "Oh mom its going right here at the road!" I said alright go right ahead. After all, Am I going to be the one to tell them not to spread the news of our God? No I am not!

This was so heartfelt and I don't know where it came from however I do hope that someone that passes our home needed that and that God used my children to help. I love our God and I love the blessings he give to me. What an awesome feeling that gives me, my kids love God and they are willing to make signs for him to be shown. Thank God for showing my kids to work together! 


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  1. This is so awesome. I love when kids make these type of connections and you can be surprised by them. Children are such a gift.


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