Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #6

These first school weeks in our new home have had many memories. Some good and some bad but thats just alright we needed to find what was our new routine. This is week 6 and I must say we will have it all worked out soon! LOL... I love the new home my Lord blessed me with and I just have to tailor it to my family instead of it tailoring my family to it!

Our topics this week where The Roman Republic, Punic Wars and what the Pax Romana was. Moving onto the Barbaric Huns that defeated the western empire. I honestly have to say I learned more than I ever did in school teaching my kids at home. Man oh man what bible history is within all our teaching! 

Our geography this week was Crete, Nile River, Upper and Lower Egypt, West/East Desserts and the Nile Delta.

We are almost finished classifying the animal kingdom. Next week I think is our last week working on this huge project.

We worked on our timeline motions a lot more this week to ensure we are not forgetting anything from Creation to where we are on week 5 in Classical Conversations. Our timeline included Davids Kingdom, Solomon's Reign, Israel dividing into 2 kingdoms, Homer and Greek Mythology, The Olympics, Founding of Rome, Greece Colonized, Democracy Begins, Israel and Judah Fall. Oh what mighty power topics!

We also worked on illustrating a Plateau and Promontory this week in our Geography A-Z notebook. 

Math U See went well with everyone this week. DS2 is getting a little bored so I actually made him some worksheets to do from just using addition, at his request, with colored pencils and letting him go at it. DS1 done awesome this week. No mistakes which was a needed in his math, he's been struggling a little with all the fractions and I think we finally have lift off!!!! 

Reading. Daily and its been fun. We are starting our first read aloud in our new house, James and the Giant Peach. Never read it so hopefully its great. 

DS2 is doing awesome with his sight words. We are really kicking this up and we thought he was ready and man was I right. He is really digging into sight words. I never have been a big fan but knew he needed a different approach and this just goes to prove. Every child is different and you must always try something out of the box. I'm not a fan of sight words but they work for him. He needs to know what they look like.

Writing. I am starting with DD on cursive. 

Our review items are such a blessing. We are loving Kinderbach with the smallers. DS1 loves and asks for the Pilgrim Story. We are learning so much from the Pilgrim Story. Tons of Christian history involved. 

This week was a busy week of trying to get some remodel projects done and I can't wait to get the extra time to post these projects for you!

We made a trip to Scareawinds (Carowinds) and it was awesome! My mother went with us and enjoyed our trip a lot.

 Please pray for my family to get settled and do only what God wants. Our homeschooling has really changed over the years and I feel its changing once again.



  1. What a fun week!! Being able to change things up when needed it a great benefit of homeschooling!

  2. I love the flexibility of homeschooling :)


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