Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 7


This week was a lot of fun. We are on week 7, one more week and we have our first 2 week break of this school year. I was more relaxed because I re-arranged the house to the way I thought it would work best and so far it worked like a charm. I do still have to bring supplies up from the basement and work that into our dining room. I always thought that the school room downstairs would be fun and we would use it greatly. I was totally wrong. Come on I homeschool - get it HOME school. I looked at my husband and said I can't stay in ONE ROOM all day... Its driving me nuts! So he gave me permission to move around anything I needed and get that fixed. I'm so much happier. Odd how you have things in your mind about how great that huge basement is going to help homeschool once you get moved in - All that wasn't so!

This week we discovered the reason Rome failed. The Fall of Rome. We had a Classical Conversations song. The kids LOVED this one. It was a country song and it was fun! We finished up the classifications of animals. Vertebrates this week. Next week will be about how animals reproduce. We learned to locate Spain, France, Germany, Alexandria and Carthage. The kids loved learning where Alexandria was simply because of the books we have read about Alexander the Great.

We dug deep into Paul's journey to Rome. Its in Acts and we also had a coloring sheet we done while listening and reading the story. I found an awesome map of his journey route. We studied the places along with the story. The resource we used was here.

Time line this week was interesting to. It created lots of discussions on history topics. We normally spend one full day talking about the timeline cards and what they mean.

The 2 olders counted by 11's and 12's and DS1 multiplied by 11's and 12's. Yes he already knew how but review drills are always welcome!

Math this week was a huge struggle for DD. She is having issues borrowing from the hundreds place. DS2 has begged to have some addition again this week. So I am making his worksheets and giving him his MUS lesson. He seems to be pleased with this. He loves addition and I'm not going to make him miserable by not having any to fill that craving. DS1 worked without much help this week on math. Finally getting some fraction drills down good!

The kids have enjoyed game nights this week. Husband and I are thinking one week per month there is going to be no TV in the evening, which there normally isn't anyway but since its getting colder and darker sooner we are coming in the house earlier than normal. So back to the thought lol - We are thinking one week per month every evening we will have a game week. We have loved playing games all week. Bonding time at its greatest. What love and character you can see through a game!

 Don't ask why there are mattresses in my living room... please...

Homeschool Coop this week and only 2 more meetings. North Carolina has been a wonderful topic to dig into! 

We enjoyed watching the Wild Family which is a TOS Review item. My kids really loved the first DVD. We have a second to go. 

I finished reading The Homeschool Experiment. This book was hilarious. It was a wonderful humor book but really touched the homeschooling mothers heart. It was real. Full of real things! Its a must read! 

To finish up Friday fun. We done a great scavenger hunt from Ben & Me. Its a free printable and we enjoyed our time outside. It was perfect weather this morning and it was great to break the norm! 

 We tried identifying what leaves we had.

I always leave something out. I can't write every single thing down for the entire week! Just no way. However these are always my highlights. Other than cuddle time.

Oh DS1 phe level came back the lowest its been EVER!! It was 75. We started him on a challenge last Friday after our annual visit to UNC for his PKU. We hope this helps us understand how far we can push his tolerance. He gets 20 protein grams now and we can't wait to see how far we can go. The only down he says is having to poke himself weekly.



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  1. Yeah, I always thought having a room just for schooling would be really neat, but I always found that we would end up back spread out on the diningroom table or I moved the nuts and bolts of our homeschooling supplies into the diningroom where it's handy. Diningroom doesn't LOOK like a diningroom, but...What works for each family! LOL

    We stopped having a Game Night when summer rolled around, but I've been taking about it lately and wondering if we should do it again!


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