Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 8


This is our week 8, meaning this is the last time I will school for 2 weeks!!! WOOHOO - BREAK TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!! With this being our first break of the year it will be greatly enjoyed. I have much planning and re-tweaking to do within the 2 weeks of no schooling. I normally try to use it as a planning time. 

We started a new chore routine this week. I was so tired of no one helping and then them not wanting to do the same chores over and over so I hurried and wrote a couple chores down tore them into pieces and threw them into a mason jar. Then I wrote everyone's name on a index card and it has to be signed daily that chores have been completed for game time on the weekend... Guess what - 2 of mine didn't get game time this week. They thought it would be ok to what until bed time was announced to try to finish up chores - Needless to say I think they learned a lesson not getting to play the game Friday evening or so far this am!! 

This week we didn't really study deep into Classical Conversations simply because of the topic, which was Hinduism and Buddhism. We did cover it and done our awesome timeline but as for history we kinda let it go by. I am getting horrible at the science part to it. So I am going to do a few experiments over our break and catch up. Science is always the place I struggle.

Geography this week got a little delayed simply because there is a movie I requested from Netflix and it didn't get here in time... But we are going to watch the movie this week on the Ganges area. Live birth was interesting and I will leave it there for now! lol.

Math for everyone is going alright. DS2 is doing really well however he is growing tired of MUS at this point. Makes me sad. He's bored with all the repetition. DD is having issues still borrowing. She just isn't trying from what I am seeing. She is just not paying attention because when I sit with her she does everything great but when I leave she doesn't look at the problem close enough and then has a melt down. DS1 is going along great with his fractions finally!! 

Writing is still being fun. DS2 is reading great right now!! We are still doing AAR Level 1 but we are also doing sight words and hes doing good with those! We are loving one of our review items "growing up wild" and so this week we finished volume 1 and we done several activities. It was so pretty we actually sketched 2 different days this week with the idea coming from the activities listed after the episodes!

We worked on Kinderbach lessons more this week. I really must keep going. I have one thats really learning!

Pilgrim Story we are trying to finish.

My mom took the kids to the Nature Center this week. I was suppose to go but I was very sick Thursday and Friday (hence why the post is late). I'm feeling better now but it wasn't good while it lasted!

 The kids came back with this picture of my momma - She will kill me if she sees this on here... So hopefully she wont look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a great granny! Love ya mom.

Halloween Party tonight. My mom requested it be done at my house this year (YIKES) so she is coming over in a few hours to decorate. We have done a couple things but that's all her department. She normally goes over-bored!!  

We made several things this week for Halloween costumes. I made DD a tutu and we finished up DS2 robot costume!!

The girls are going to be getting a new home, we aren't giving them away but we are going to build them a larger home so they can stay together. They seem to enjoy each other very much and so we are going to build a cage downstairs so they can play together! We love Fudge and Caramel so much!

 Yes that's my husband playing with Carm...

 No Henry I didn't forget you!

Again as normal I'm sure I've left something out because all week is very hard to blog! Just highlights!! 
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