Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up for 3, 4 & 5 (horrible I know)

This is the first time ever that I've had to post 3 wrap ups at a time. I did once have a post about 2 weeks but I can always top myself lol...

Weeks have come and gone so quickly since moving and trying to remodel and just get through the day without crashing on the bed. Schooling is taking a tole on all of us. We are going to bed late because of projects and simply not being on a good schedule so there for we are not getting up until 9ish every morning. Then by the time breakfast and some wake up time to get the day going on a good note its already 10. We aren't finishing with school until just before hubby gets home and then we go head first into what ever needs done. Painting, mowing, re doing something that the previous owners didn't do properly - etc............ The list is every growing!! 

Needless to say that's why I have been elsewhere. I need, NO I have to get back to the old routine that we have always had. Its killing me. Its taking a tole on me badly. Its depressing honestly. You think of how great having a home of our own is and then how difficult it is to get everything settled.

Weeks 3, 4 & 5 are here now!!!!!!! WOOHOO ((huge round of applause))

Classical Conversations we have been learning about lots of Ancient History. Lots of locations and we kinda skipped the Greek & Roman Gods. I explained it briefly to the smallest 2 and more in dept to ds1 in private. They enjoyed coloring these pages about what they thought they appeared to be.

We've also been learning about Animal and Plant Cells. If you remember a few weeks ago DS1 actually made a model himself because he was using his Biology and I didn't want to hold him back so he actually had a little more knowledge than DS2 and DD when we started. He was able to explain this pretty good to them which made me very happy.

 (Yes DS1 has his up-side down lol)

This week has been lots of fun learning about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. So much history and wonder in these. Timeline has been lacking a little simply because I haven't been on my A game.

We have really been having some fun with the Write Shop Prompt cards. I wanted to let DS2 start trying to work out some of his ideas into a story to tell me, so I let him start picking some cards and drawing a picture to go with them. This is something that doesn't seem to hard to him and he enjoys talking about his crazy pictures most the time! 

DS1 has really enjoyed his Biology lessons we are using. This is the first year he has ever had his own lessons. Hes getting older so we can't keep him grouped with the 2 smallers any longer. He has been really taking the information and digging deeper himself, without me pushing him to make sure he understands. This week he completed lesson 5 learning about food webs.

 Our new homeschool co-op started. We have classes on Mondays from 930 - 2 the topic this co-op is North Carolina History. I'm volunteering with DS2's class and we are having fun meeting new people. Everyone has new friends but we still miss our other group and friends deeply! 

This is Hatteras Lighthouse complete with glow in the dark glue!!!

My grandmother came over to play her African drum for the kids and we enjoyed this so much. Having family around is something we have not been used to so its been a nice change. 

 Also playing with cousins is a wonderful new thing too!!

Finally just some chill pictures. Playing outside and feeling more and more like home with each passing day.

We had an AWESOME Zoo trip last Friday. We had the most interaction ever on this trip with the animals. This was the best trip to date. We normally go twice a year but this time we got to see so many things happen! Babies, swimming bears, calling elk and a screaming eagle! 

 Granny got to go!!!

 We have had poison oak on ALL 3 kids!!!!!! They are trying to heal so please say a quick prayer for this! 

I have many projects to update on the blog that I've done in the house.

Sorry this is long and kinda scattered. I will do better!!!!!!!


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